Monday, February 1, 2010



[Empire Knife at China's Throat]

Now, a public warning by the American-Israeli Empire's Sabre Rattling, Warmonger [SOS] Secretary of State Hillary Diane Rodham-Clinton  raising her fist of Economic War against the [PRC] Peoples Republic China, on behalf of the Imperial Media Messiah President, and its government, is trying to  blackmail China into joining other permanent, veto-holding members of the [U.N.] United Nations, Security Council into agreeing too support new sanctions on the Shit-ite Persian Republic of Iran or major arms supplies will be give to the Nationalist Chinese Rebels on the [PRC] Island Providence of Taiwan, a warning is threat in diplomatic jargon, and again threats have to be taken seriously with a response making it clear that there are consequences for placing a poised knife at the throat of the [PRC] Peoples Republic of China, with the intent of;

* Destabilizing the Far East Asia [PRC] Sphere of Influence , using as a pretext an illegal Taiwan Relations Act, as the Empire once again, has chosen too grossly interfere in the internal affairs of the Sovereign Republic of China' internal affairs, with the sale of arms to the Nationalist Chinese Providence of Taiwan, a Providence of the [PRC].

* And to place the [PRC] under the quasi thumb of the Empire with hollow and empty threats, trying too force the [PRC] into shifting its support from a valued and secure trading partner the Shi-ite Persian Republic of Iran, from which the [PRC] receiver's a significant percentage of its oil supply requirements, to be replaced by supply's provided by Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf countries, which are puppet governments under American-Israeli control, a Damocles sword hanging over the [PRC] and placing  its Energy supply needs, economic and military security into the hand of the Clinton State Department and the Empires hands, the very hands that would use that power to dictate compliance of their geo-political demands by the [PRC] as in this moment in history, using bulling tactics to try an pressure the [PRC] Iranian Sanction Approval, dictating [PRC] international affairs. 

[Economic War Begins]

* China suspends immediately all military-to-military contacts with the [MIC] Military Industrial Complex, Pentagon.

* China will suspends on the [28th] of February [2010] immediately all dealings with Empire companies [Goggle, Raytheon etc.] that deal in weapons sales to the renegade [PRC] province of Taiwan, the Congress has until that date, a [30] thirty day window of fast closing opportunity to block the sales package of [€4.5B/$6.3B] Four-Point-Five-Billion Euros/Six-Point-Three-Billion-Dollars, in military support to the National Chinese consisting of a [2.2B/$3.1B] Two-Point-Billion-Euros/Three-Point-One-Billion-Dollars, package of [60] Sixty, Blackhawk [UH-60M], Helicopters, and [€2.9B/$4.1B] Two-Point-Nine-Billion-Euros/Four-Point-One-Billion-Dollars, worth of [114] One-Hundred-fourteen, Raytheon manufactured, [PAC-3] Patriot anti-missile systems, [12] Twelve Harpoon anti-ship missiles, [2]  mine-sweeping ships and communications and surveillance equipment, with the implied threat too sell [F-16] Fighter Jet Aircraft in an additional sales contract, under the Empire [1979] Taiwan Relations Act, to the Rebel Nationalist Chinese hold up on Taiwan. Disputes have flared on a number of touchy issues, however, including trade, climate change and a threat by Internet giant Google to leave the Chinese market to protest computer hacking of its members' accounts.

[Shortsighted View]

The undiplomatic at best and childish behavior at worse being displayed by the Clinton State Department in its Saber Rattling is seriously shortsighted, times have changed and the wheel of fate has turned, and in the aftermath of the course which the Clinton State Department has taken will only have serious negative impacts on any bilateral relationship or  cooperation between the [PRC] and the American-Israeli Empire, the issue of the Nationalist Chinese Island of Taiwan is an issue that has come up again and again, each time driven by the Empire's interference, in the internal affairs of the [PRC], [A Wedge Issue] between the governments of the Empire and the [PRC] this issue is being once again used as a geo-political, economic, and military weapon by the Clinton State Department, which in the [21st] Century can no longer be tolerated, by the [PRC]. It is now up to the Empire if they chose to go down this path or not, the clock is ticking time runs out on the [28th] of February, it's a Dirty Harry moment, Do You Feel Lucky Hillary, your facing one of the most powerful nations on the earth, you are hard pressed to handle [1B] One-Billion Muslims, and now want to add on [1B] Chinese, in your failed diplomacy, that's [1/3rd] of the Worlds population, Do You Feel Lucky?  


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