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Return of the Confederacy Or The South Shall Rise Again


[Avlon Vs Triathlon]


Now, we have written in opposition against John Avlon before and we will in all likely hood do so again, Again, and AGAIN. And, who is John Avlon, he is a young writer for (www.TheDailyBeast.Com), and the author of several books to his own credit [Wingnuts: How the Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking America, and Independent Nation; How Centrists Can Change American Politics], having worked his way up in the New York Sun, from columnist to associate editor, which is no small achievement on his part.  And, from his picture taken in New York City of course, one knows that John is a hard-core YANKEE, and from his writing we find him to be a bomb throwing Yankee, using derogatory names/ terms/ and labels to describe those with own he does not agree [Wingnuts, Lunatic Fringe, Hijacking], John is a Bill Ayers type writer quote, [I don't regret setting bombs. I feel we didn't do enough.], unquote, John sells books and makes a living stirring up controversy, others have done it before John and others will in the future, but in all fairness such is the way of life, everyone does it, and then denies having done it, and this is what John does, and when his writing leads as they will to a violent counter re-action, they disclaim any fault but hide behind the idea that we were just shedding like on those[Wingnut, Lunatic Fringe, Anti-Americans Hijacking our Union]. We could without doubt go back into the history just prior to the War of Secession and find another two facing off in print, in very much the same manner, with opposite views, on this very subject.



[Return of the Confederacy Or The South Shall Rise Again]



Now, John takes the position as most Yankee's do that some how the Confederacy when away, just as many taught that after the defeat of Nazis Germany that it would never return, or that after the fall of the Berlin Wall, that Communism was dead, and all these things have proven not to be the case. Now, all country and western fans, know of Charlie Daniels, or Hank Williams Jr. and their songs and each has sung The South Shall Rise Again, but the boys aren't the only one's if one looks up the phrase on the old computer, one will find it is used so often its more of a rising battle cry than just a phrase. John Avlon is a Yankee, has always been a Yankee, and always will be a Yankee, and can never understand, and can't see beyond his thinly veiled HATE of the South, that Yankee's and Confederates will never see eye to eye, and can never be one people. John fails to see the end of Empire, clinging to the idea that the Persians were wrong that [This Too Shall End], and with the end of Empire comes its total collapse, and its division, and once again we will point to facture points on the North American Continent;  



[The Consequences of Empire in Decline]


Now, the whole great social experimentation started in [1776] was never going to work anyway, as was said on [1] One episode of Inspector Lewis All Men Are Created Equal and how did that work out for you, to an American Tourist, one can only guess how this is going to work out as the [18th] Century United States of America Social experiment comes too a close, as a [21st] Century American-Israeli Empire, as an intellectually, financially, morally bankrupt, militarily weak, ungovernable, unfixable, unsustainable, Empire, governed by of an oligarchy of jaded pros, permanent residents locked in the Beltway whose only movement is from Pennsylvania Avenue, when they're in office, to [K] Street, when they're out -- & back. We would suggest, much as the Union of South Africa, in blood-shed, and the breaking up forming New Republic and a new map of the North American Continent;


* The Republic of Alaska


* America [The Confederate States/The United States]


* The Republic of California


* Republic of Cascadia" [Northwestern separatists envision a "Republic of Cascadia" carved out of Oregon, Washington and the Canadian province of British Columbia.]


* The Republic of Hawaii


* The Republic of Texas


* The Republic of Vermont carved out of [The New York Adirondacks, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, New Hampshire.]  


[History and experience are hard teachers]


Now, we can't hold much against John Avlon, it was all pretty much his up bringing, and his schooling that made him the individual he is at this moment in time, a person of static think, [That Will Never Happen], until the day comes along that it does in fact happen and smacks him in the face , viewing the world thru a straw, looking at the lone tree, instead of the forest, showing a lack of history, and life experience beyond New York City, and NO! New York City is not a microcosm, of the world, that place does not exits, any more that the Empire is a melting pot, or All Men Are Created Equal With Certain Unalienable Rights. There are [350M] Three-Hundred and Fifty Million human being on the North American Continent, divided into [8] eight parts, John would argue [50] Fifty States not including the Territories, and the argument would just go round and round, only proving the width and breath of the divide that exists between the [8] regions of the North American Continent but their peoples.  Return of the Confederacy Or The South Shall Rise Again, John would say it will NEVER! Happen, we content that one should beware of using the term Never. Another writer we can't remember who once wrote that history, and experience are hard teacher's, and my God what hard teachers.



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