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Now, we just got thru doing what we always do an that is surfing for something to comment upon and boy did we come up with a really hit you in the gut AMERICAN PATRIOT article, on [www.RealClearPolitics.Com], entitled The Washington, D.C., Disconnect, By Lawrence Larry Kudlow, now the figures presented are from polls, put together and presented from his article of what the Dreamers, Thinkers, Workers, [Netcitizens], and Tea-Baggers of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, want;


[58%] Want Smaller Government


[59%] Want Tax Cuts


[59%] Want The Deficit Cut


[75% - 83%] Dislike and/or blame all politicians, for the pickle were in.




Larry Kudlow Quote; What do I think voters want? Traditional, commonsense, center-right free enterprise, which basically says to the government, Please, let me keep more of what I earn and, please, just leave me alone, unquote. Now, Larry was polite in his article were most of us would have been more straight forward and said what we want is the American Way back, your hands off my wallet and get out of my face. And again and again thru his article can be found [Washington just doesn't get it].  The Empire has lost its morally authority domestically and internationally, and is  intellectually wanting, financially bankrupt, and militarily in decline. The government has been correctly described as an oligarchy of alienated, abusive, corrupt, indifferent, jaded, self-centered pros, permanent residents locked in the Utopian  Beltway, of the District of Clowns whose only movement is from their offices on Pennsylvania Avenue, when in elected office, to cushy K-Street Lobbyist offices, or think tanks paid by corporations to think the way they are paid to think, when they are not, and back again.    




And  now with the gridlock and meltdown in progress, with the Empire, until the elections of November of [2010]and beyond once begun, the Media Messiah Imperial President will give his subjects a dose of abuse of his executive power and authority, to influence policy even without legislation, through executive orders, agency rule-making and administrative fiat, the know what's best and their going to shove it down the throats of the Dreamer, Thinkers, Workers, [Netcitizens], and Tea-Baggers, no pain, no gain. Its no longer what voters want, but what the Media Messiah Imperial President of the Empire and a handful of elite cabinet officials want, government by decree.  




Being, of Pondering Age, it is my opinion that we of the Beat Generation, and the Hippy Generation, failed in our jobs, if there is a deity then [GOD DID WE FAIL] to pass to the next generations, our firm believe in Freedom, our right to be free of government interference, but we grew up in another age, another time, another era when there was freedom and we simply took it for granted. But, the same Pondering generations are on line, an in the face of power, on line telling the Dreamers, the Thinkers, The Workers, the [Netcitzens], the Tea-Baggers of the [21st] Century out there on the front line, that it is their future, and not that of the Media Messiah Imperial President and his rubber stamp, [544] District of Clowns Royal Court, or a hand pick group of Cabinet Members to decide their future. It is time to end the [AMERICAN-ISRAELI EMPIRE], and once return to [THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA], with no one having a [SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP], but and [EQUAL RELATIONSHIP] with this nation.




The Revolt is on an there are more little old men like that Texas [14th] District Representative of Texas, Dr. Ron Paul out there, his children and his children's children, and the children of so many like him. [THIS IS THE YEAR, THIS IS THE TIME, THIS IS THE MOMENT], the [CONTRACT FROM AND NOT TO AMERICA] is being written, it is telling those elected to serve the American People, what is [NOW EXPECTED, NOW DEMANDED, AND WHAT WILL HAPPEN]. The Dreamers, The Thinkers, The Workers, the [Ponder Netcitizens], The Tea-Baggers, the true Patriots of this country are going to Washington, D.C. you can bet on it, only this time its will be in the millions, you can smell it, you can sense it, its coming, as with the Grapes of Wrath, They just can't stop us, WE ARE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, AND WE JUST KEEP A COM'IN.




The Global Community of Spheres of Influence, The [BRIC] Brazil, The Russian Federation, India, and The Peoples Republic of China, the [EU] European nations linking the [10] Ten major nations of Europe, [ASEAN] Association of Southeast Asian Nations, countries, who already want a single currency by [2020] the generally accepted end of the American-Israeli Empire, member would include; Australia, Brunei, China  [to include the breakaway Chinese Providence of Taiwan & the Taiwan Straits], Tibet, The China Sea, Hainan Island India, The countries within the region of Indo-China [Vietnam], Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan New Zealand, Paracel Islands, Philippines, Spratly Islands, and a United Korea. With a Geo-Economic Influence extending around the Economic [21st] Century Ring of Economic Fire the countries of the  [PAC/RIM] Those nations bounding the Pacific Rim, Australia, [The Republic of Alaska, The Republic of California, The Republic of Hawaii, upon their secession from the American-Israeli Empire], Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America, with extended Geo-Economic Influence into Africa [Sudan], Cuba, India, and Pakistan, thru loans and economic assistance.


This is a time to act in your own self interests, to view any international connection, relationship, accords, or treaty as tenuous at best with an American-Israeli Empire in decline. It is time to step back and evaluate what is not only best within each of your Spheres of Influence, not only in the short but long term, for the rest of the Global Community of Spheres of Nations into the [21st] and [22nd] Century, this is a dangerous year of flux, in the down slide of the Empire to its end in [2020], the Wheel of Fate has Changed, your nations and Spheres hold the future in your hands, starting at this moment in history, you hold in your hands the moral authority, domestically and internationally, and  intellectual leadership lacking within the Empire, your time has come, the future rests with you, Dr. G. Westerwelle of Germany, President Hu Jintao, of the Peoples Republic of China, Prime Minister Yukio  Hatoyama,  of Japan, and President Dmitry Medvedev of the Russian Federation, ready or not your time has come, single one world government of the Empire, and its Media Messiah Imperial President rule by executive power and authority can not be that of the Community of Nations. 



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