Monday, February 8, 2010




[Quid Per Quo a NO!]


The Shi-ite Persian Republic of Iran, a sovereign nation within the Global Community of Nations, has the right to use nuclear power for civilian purposes for the betterment of its population, and as such has announced that it would begin the enrichment of uranium to a [20%] Twenty-percent level using a Medical Research Reactor to be used in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, a level [70%] Seventy-percent below that of the [90%] Ninety-percent requirement needed to produce a Thermo Nuclear Weapon. The Republic of Iran has been unable to reach agreement upon a fuel rod exchange/swap out, low-enriched uranium for higher-grade nuclear fuel with the refinement done outside of the Republic, do to the demand that the quantities to be refined determined by the outside refinement community and not by the needs determined by the Republic of Iran, The Republic of Iran maintains that any exchange must be simultaneous/same time/ a Quid Per Quo/ Cash and Carry/ exchange. The Republic of Iran has been working with the West in an effort to reassure the [EU] European Union in particular that there Republic has absolutely no intention of producing any nuclear weapons capability, that it is the [21st] Century and that the Caspian Sea Basin though rich in oil and gas deposits, can only be husbanded for a certain length of time, and with each passing day the demands upon these finite resources increases, and the Republic must act responsibly not only in the short term but in the long term to provide for its energy needs into the future, and The Republic of Iran has been in negotiations trying to make such assurances.


[Alternative Diplomatic Co-operation]


Dr. G. Westerwelle, The  Foreign Minister of Germany a man more than willing too walk the tight rope, too take the extra step, and the extra kilometer, seeking alternative options exhausting every avenue, reaching into his quiver of arrows his arsenal of electives, to achieve a win/win outcome, Dr. Westerwelle  represents the face of the New Germany and the New Europe, and has stated that the world in which Germany and therefore the Community of Nations exist, should formulate foreign policies based upon the fact of Sphere of Influence globalization of Sovereign Nations, with the recognition that on both sides an equal measurement of decisiveness to stand one's and/or Sphere of Influence ground, based upon self and/or Sphere of Influence interests, therefore should be geared to cooperation, not confrontation, that disputes require patience, which should be recognized and politically worked thru to achieve a win/win outcome, seeing that sanctions are a punitive step, with the end results only serving to widen the gap between sides in any confrontation, resulting in only in unnecessary pain upon innocent civilian populations caused by such action, Dr. Westerwelle,  seeks to broker an agreement with the [IAEA] International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna on the issue of the Tehran Medical Research Reactor which would serve as confidence building step between the [2] Two opposing sides, and one with which the Republic of Iran is working to achieve, but the two sides so far have failed so far to reach agree on how to implement the plan.


[Gun-Boat Diplomacy Confrontation]


Dr. Westerwelle, correctly stated that no meaningful concessions have been arrived at on either side but the hand of Germany is still reaching out toward Iran and a win/wins resolution. But so far it's reaching out into emptiness, of a well founded mistrust, when faced with the American-Israeli Gun-Boat diplomacy of [SOS] Secretary of State Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, based upon my way or the highway, win/lose diplomacy, always, engaging in careless talk and saber rattling favoring a military solution as the first solution  with its [MIC] Military Industrial Complex representative Defense Secretary Robert Gates squeezing the trigger with the pressure of sanctions, with the ultimate goal of a pre-emptive Nuclear Strike against The Republic of Iran, a sovereign nation within the Global Community of Nations, having the right to use nuclear power for civilian purposes an the benefit of it population, demanding sever sanctions that can only severely hurt the civilian population of Iran over baseless, non-proven, allegations that Iran has aggressive intents with its Civilian Nuclear Program.




The Valentine Month will lack love at its ending, as once again the Rogue American-Israeli Empire continues its Saber Rattling, Gun-Boat Diplomacy, and Wars of Economic Stimulus upon Sovereign States of the Global Community;


[1st] First Empire will meet head to head as on the [28th] Twenty-Eight, the [DOD] Drop Dead Date, will arrive for the Imperial Court of the American-Israeli Empire to stop yet another shipment of arms to the Nationalist Chinese Island of Taiwan, interfering in the internal affairs of yet another Sovereign Nation within the community of nations, the [PRC] The Peoples Republic of China.


[2nd] Second the American-Israeli Empire is demanding that the [5] Five permanent [UN] United Nations Security, Council members, [The Peoples Republic of China, The Republic of France, The Russian Federation, The United Kingdom, and the American-Israeli Empire] plus The German Republic, meet and impose crippling new sanctions upon the civilian population of the Republic of Iran, a Sovereign member of the Community of Nations, and failing in a vote for such sanctions that the [EU] European Union in conjunction with the American-Israel Empire impose unilaterally, disabling sanctions insisting upon a win/lose, meet our demands unconditionally or face a pre-emptive Nuclear Strike.


The Peoples Republic of China rejects the Gun-boat, Saber Rattling, Clinton Diplomacy, having itself been the victim of its approach, with active confrontations with the American-Israeli Empire concerning the China Sea, The Hainan Island Incident, the Nansha Islands, The Paracel Islands, The Spratly Islands and Tibet, the only difference, the [PRC] is not just any Sovereign Member within the Community of Nations or Global Spheres of Influence  but one well able to respond to any such threats on its own behalf, and is in fact coming to the support of the Republic of Iran a nation that is a valued trading partner to the [PRC], seeing the Alternative Diplomatic Cooperation that Dr. Westwelle is putting forward a diplomatic, co-operational, none-confrontational, patient, measured policy, as the only win/win, approach in the [21st] Century, Sphere of Influence globalization of Sovereign Community of Nations.  



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