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[The Empire Stumbling Block]


The Republic of Iran has been unable to reach agreement upon a fuel rod exchange/swap out, low-enriched uranium for higher-grade nuclear fuel with the refinement done outside of the Republic, do to the demand that the quantities to be refined are too be determined by the outside refinement community and not by the needs determined by the Republic of Iran, The Republic of Iran maintains that any exchange must be simultaneous/same time/ a Quid Per Quo/ Cash and Carry/ exchange. The Republic of Iran has been working with the West in an effort to reassure the [EU] European Union in particular that there Republic has absolutely no intention of producing any nuclear weapons capability. The biggest stumbling block has been and will continue to be the American-Israeli Empire, with its condemnation that the Republic of Iran has been running a clandestine nuclear programme for [18] Eighteen years, like India, Israel, Pakistan, North Korea, and many other nations are beginning to see the benefit of keeping the Empire at bay with their own Nuclear Deterrent measures, as the Empire a Rogue Nation within the [21st] Century Community of Spheres of Nations, continues its Gun-Boat Diplomacy, and Wars of Economic Stimulus.


[Iran and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty]


Lets that a look at what the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty says, and what it says is that Every country has the right to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes, well guess what so far there is very little to suggest beyond a lot of hype that the Shi-ite Republic of Iran even has the capability to go much beyond using nuclear technology for peaceful purposes The reality is it took the Republic of Iran [10] ten years to enrich [1.5k.kg] One-thousand-five-hundred kilo-grams of [5%] Five-percent enriched uranium, and some are saying they barely were able to do that. The Republic of Iran needs a [19.75%] Nineteen-point-seven-five, increase in that amount just to keep its [1] One medical diagnostic isotope producing reactor up and running that's [29.625%] Twenty-nine-point-six-two-five percent, while at the same time it is running out of fuel that is purchased from The Russian Federation and The Peoples Republic of China, and has requested from the [UN/IAEA] United Nations/International Atomic Energy Agency, permission to purchase additional fuel from their source suppliers. So, even by the Non-Proliferation Treaty, and the [UN/IAEA] The Shi-ite Persian Republic of Iran, a sovereign nation within the Global Community of Nations, has the right to use nuclear power for civilian purposes for the betterment of its population, and as such has announced that it would begin the enrichment of uranium to a [20%] Twenty-percent level, [Which many doubt will happen any time soon] using a Medical Research Reactor to be used in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, a level [70%] Seventy-percent below that of the [90%] Ninety-percent requirement needed to produce a Thermo Nuclear Weapon.


[Alternative Diplomatic Co-operation Twin-track approach]


Dr. G. Westerwelle, The  Foreign Minister of Germany, has put forth an Alternative Diplomatic Co-operation Twin-track approach to the problem;


• The [1st] first step was too get everyone back to table for a sit down, talk and not a confrontational shout down our way or the highway, you listen to me Bub, or its Bomb, Bomb Iran, too discuss if there are grounds for the higher levels of uranium enrichment and if so what quantities. And so far Dr. Westerwelle has made progress, as one can see his imprint as the [UN] Security Council, [50%] Fifty-percent down, got on board saying they were ready to sit down for reasonable discussion, [you can bet that doesn't really mean the American-Israeli Empire], and who ever Germany sends will have to grab both boys by the ears and tell them now lets play nice together you little brats. 


• The [2nd] Second Step, is the [UN] Security Council working with the Republic of Iran must work together too create a document/dossier/agreement of principles allowing for co-operation and transparency, clarifying and questions or doubts, setting down [IAEA] monitoring responsibilities and procedures, therefore should be geared to cooperation, not confrontation, that disputes require patience, which should be recognized and politically worked thru to achieve a win/win outcome, seeing that sanctions are a punitive step, with the end results only serving to widen the gap between sides in any confrontation, resulting in only in unnecessary pain upon innocent civilian populations caused by such action, Dr. Westerwelle, seeks to broker an agreement with the [IAEA] International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna on the issue of the Tehran Medical Research Reactor which would serve as confidence building step between the [2] Two opposing sides, and one with which the Republic of Iran is working to achieve, but the two sides so far have failed so far to reach agree on how to implement the plan. Confidence-building measures building is a two way street, as so far the American-Israeli Empire has been less that confidence building with its call for Punitive Sanctions, and Pre-emptive Bomb-Bomb Iran plan.


[The Ring Master of the Three Ring Circus]


Dr. Westerwelle will have his hands full as the [21st] Century Ring Master or the International [3] Three Ring Circus;


Ring Number One: The American-Israeli Empire simply setting the stage for the invasion and occupation of the Shi-ite Persian Republic of Iran by the American Israeli Empire to gain control over the The Caspian Sea Basin to supply the Nabucco Pipeline with it's estimated at (7.25 Trn.Cu.Mts.) Seven-two-five trillion cubic meters, yet to be developed underneath the Caspian Sea, along with (1/5th) One-fifth, (20%) Twenty-Percent of the remaining global oil reserves, but making it look like its about an emanate Nuclear Terrorist Threat .


Ring Number Two: Shi-ite Persian Iran, trying like other that have managed to gain entry into the Nuclear Club, try to circumvent any methods of the Empire from stopping them, it's a big country and they can't watch everything, to protect their control of the Caspian Sea Basin, and be a player once again in world affairs.


Ring Number Three: The [EU] European Union, Germany, [NATO] the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and all European interests, in the [21st] Century, which means the rapid withdrawal of all offensive military European Forces from the Islamic Crescent/Arabian Peninsula/Hindu Cush, with out being dragged into yet another quagmire.



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