Thursday, February 4, 2010


The Empire a Declining Superpower

[Static vs Dynamic Thinking]

Now, we tend to disagree with a Professor Susan Shirk, a professor specializing in Chinese foreign policy at the University of San Diego, [The Republic of California's Finest City], the University of California [The France of the North American Continent], former deputy assistant secretary of state under the Clinton administration, in her book "China: Fragile Superpower."                                And again, Susan's [A Great name for a girl] said [We feel the hot breath of this economic dragon on our backs, let's watch what they do, not what they say, because sometimes tough words in China are a substitute for tough action]. Now, again the reasons we disagree with Susan is she tends to be reactive in thinking rather than proactive in her thinking, what do we mean [let's watch what they do], were as the [300] Three-hundred Spartans King Leonidas, didn't just watch and wait but asked himself and his captains what would they do if they were the Persians, and knew when they were going to send their best against them the immortals, Susan looks at the other side but then does not apply a mirror, putting herself in the other sides shoes looking inward. Another problem we see in Susan is her static thinking and not dynamic thinking, [sometimes tough words in China are a substitute for tough action], sometimes does not mean its set in stone.

[Empire in Demographic Flux]

So, what does the other side see, the [PRC] Peoples Republic of China, they see a Superpower in Decline, in Demographic Flux, shifting to an African Cultural Status, the Imperial Media Messiah Imperial President of the Empire wakes up each morning looking into a mirror and see a Black African Culture individual, and so does the rest of the world, they see a nation in change demographically, they see what Bill Clinton has already said himself that by [2020] the North American Continent will be of African Heritage. We saw an article which said the Media Messiah Imperial President was the wrong man, at the wrong time, in the wrong job, and we agree that the man is not up to the job, but is the correct man, at the correct time, in the correct job, it sends the correct message, this is the future of the American-Israeli Empire of the [21st] Century and beyond, it is not good or bad it simply is what it is. And does it matter, YES! There is no record of a Black Empire, and Africa and Haiti are seen as third world cultures at best. Anyone that has taken a serious statistics course knows that demographics do matter, you don't sell Jet Magazines, in a White or Hispanic neighborhood, or Country and Western in a Black neighborhood, sorry to burst any bubbles but people are different, and each is stereotyped by the others, if anyone doubts this then get on Netflix or rent Grand Torino, with Clint Eastwood, and take your rose colored glasses off, reality isn't always what people want.

[Yuan vs Dollar]

The [PRC] with each day watches as the value of the [$ Dollar] declines in value against every currency in the world, with the [Chinese Yuan] controlling the economic trade with Zhou Xiaochuan, head of the People's Bank of China, calling the shots both on long term world's currencies, and the actions of the International Monetary Fund. Now, the Imperial Media Messiah President has decided to challenge this concept, at the wrong time, the [PRC] will suffer damage from the economic fight to come, but not near as much as the Empire already in decline, and destined to be no more by [2020] by most estimates. Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman writes Quote, the [PRC] follows a mercantilist policy, keeping its trade surplus artificially high, in today's depressed world, that policy is, to put it bluntly, predatory. Now, understand the words, predator [is the one doing the hunting] so just who is their prey, and just who is being eaten alive, think about it. 

[A divide Empire]

The Chinese are looking at something that hasn't happened since [1861] with the War of Secession, over States Rights between the Confederate States of America and the Union, very real and growing Secessionist movements, The Republic of Alaska, America [The Confederate States/The United States],The Republic of California, "Republic of Cascadia" [Northwestern separatists envision a "Republic of Cascadia" carved out of Oregon, Washington and the Canadian province of British Columbia.], The Republic of Hawaii, The Republic of Texas, The Republic of Vermont. The citizens of each area, feeling that the American-Israeli Empire has lost its moral authority, is unsustainable, ungovernable and unfixable, the government is seen as an outdated  oligarchy of jaded pros, permanent residents locked in the Beltway whose only movement is from Pennsylvania Avenue, when they're in office, to K Street, when they're out -- & back, the Empire has bankrupted itself morally, intellectually, financially and militarily, and the [PRC] along with those calling for secession, see and understand that the Wheel of fate has turned moving on shedding the light of providence upon a new a rising Empire, as the old enters the shadows of is demise, into the darkness of time and history. Susan has viewed the wheel of fate and time as fixed and unchanging, but time and fate wait for no man and no Empire, it is dynamic and not static.


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