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[The May 1st NYSE Nose Dive]


Now, we know that there are [2] Two type's of Democratic, Capitalist/Socialist, and the Socialist seem to believe they can by using procedural methods change the entire Medical System of the American-Israeli Empire by the [1st] of May, 2010. But, shortly thereafter you can expect the [NYSE] New York Stock Exchange to take a nose dive. Why, would this happen, the simple answer is the Capitalist Medicine System is a major industry, not made up of just Hospitals and Doctors and Nurses, then there is the question of just were do all these health care technicians come from, Cuba,  but of those who supply tools and support to them, with bandages, bed's, bed  pans, hypodermic needles, the medication, the and these come at a cost, and many out of country investors are heavily invested into companies listed on the [NYSE] that provide these items, no return on their investments or a  sharp decline in those returns and they withdraw their money to reinvest into areas where they can once again make the return they were getting in the Empire medical system.


[Green Vs VA]


The Empire has a population of over [350M] Three-Hundred and Fifty Million, spanning [4] Four time zones, and with within just miles in La Jolla, [4] Four different types of medical service are being provided to the citizens of The Empires Finest County, San Diego County, the top of the line is Green Hospital, only the [ELITE] are treated there, Henry Winkler and many stars have been patients in Green Hospital, along with sports figures from around the world with the worlds finest sports medicine and than you head down the coast to the remaining hospitals and each one is a step down from the other one, from Green to the [VA] Veterans hospitals which is staffed with many of the doctors of the other hospitals of that same community of hospitals, who do research projects out of the [VA] Hospital. Do you really believe that the same is not done, in New York City, Chicago, L.A., of course not, the Elite are not going to want to be among the mass, the mob, the rabble, mob, they certainly don't at Green hospital, if someone of the lower cases is brought to its doors, they only stabilize that individual and immediately transport them to one of the lower class hospitals, the cops can take the gang bangers and criminals to that hospital not here, to those fresh out of medical school, and you can still bet that Bill Clinton will call his Doctors directly while you can get a receptionist who will ask if its an emergency, and if so call [911] to bring you in, if not take [2] Two aspirins, call the doctor in the morning and they will make an appointment to see you and don't just reschedule like Bubba, big mistake, it will be [6] six months not the next day before you get in.  


[Dr. Ron Paul Called It]  


Dr. Ron Paul at a meeting of the Tea-Party Movement said that this was going to be a year that would shake the world, and how little did anyone understand what that statement, it is going to shake the very economic institutions around the globe as investment money is shifted to more stable markets after the none dive of the [NYSE] do to the ending of the Capitalist provided medical system, which the world will recognize for what it is the beginning of the end of the Empire, Socialism does not work for large populations spread between [2] Two oceans, and [4] Four time zones. Especially when it took the Island Nation of the United Kingdom, Great Britain, England [65] sixty-five years to get were its is and they are not happy with what they have. The Rich and Elite are and will be treated in those Green Hospitals that exist around the globe, and their doors are not open to anyone but the Elite and nothing is going to change, the money will be spent on the Green's, and then dribble down to the rest as it does in La Jolla. The only change and damage will be in the [NYSE] shaking the world economic markets.



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