Saturday, February 6, 2010




[The 4th of July]


Well, this has been one of those boring Southern California the France of the North American Contintent, in The Empires Finest County, and yes it does rain in Southern California, not often but you get some water in the San Diego river, days not there isn't anything to really write about, there is a ton of things that could and should be written about going on but there is nothing being done about any of it as the Media Messiah Imperial President and his [D.C.] District of Clowns, Royal Court keep fighting about Healthcare, Healthcare, and Healthcare over and over and over again its like a broken record, but the [4th] of July is just around the corner and the beltway bunch will be in campaign mode, and its all stop on Healthcare, as they have to face trying to get re-elected by out of work voters. 


[Leftie Chief of Staff Correct]


Now, were not fans of Rahm Emanuel at all, period, zip, nada, but when he's right, sorry he's a leftie, when the Mossad Agent, White House Chief of Staff said its time to re-prioritize things and get out of the rut of Healthcare, Healthcare, Healthcare, and the Clinton bunch almost took his head off, well the Leftie was [Correct]. But, when the Clinton bunch gets a bee in their bonnet, forget it. Rahm should sit his [AIPAC] puppet down and tell him its about time to stop lecturing everyone and start listening to someone for a change, even his [AIPAC] masters must have had enough of what's going on, the faster the America-Israeli Empire, declines, the worse position it puts Israeli and [AIPAC] into. But, the countdown has begun, it's not that far to the [4th] when the weather is hot, and Washington is not, as all the hot air idiots are at home, trying to be sent back to their real home in the Beltway.


[G'Day Mr. USA]


There were only [2] Two things that even made our day today an article in The Sydney Morning Herald, (www.SMH.Com.AU) G'day Mr. USA., written by (CWaterstreet@GMail.Com), and those Aussies they don't mince words, and then on (www.TheDailyBeast.Com), The Week In Political Cartoons, Drawn & Quartered, Mike Lester, Rome (GA) News Tribune/United Syndicate (Comics.Com) had a pretty interesting cartoon about us Tea-Baggers which we sent a few E-mails to about it. But, it's basically just another boring day the [NYSE] New York Stock Exchange continues its roller coaster ride up and down, up and down, the Wall St. boys bonus's keep going up, as unemployment keep going up, the dollar keeps going down, the national debt will reach the moon before another giant step for mankind, but the cartoon by Mike Lester, and the article by C. Waterstreet, brightened up the day, along with my made in China, Garfield, Laminated Cutout, I'm Not Always Right, But I'm Never Wrong.



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