Sunday, February 7, 2010




[Were Number Two We Try Harder]


Now, folks it's only a mere short [147] One-Hundred and Forty-Seven days to go until the [4th of July], and the [GOP] Grand-Old-Party, open tent celebration, for the unveiling of its [2nd] Second Contract with America, and folks, its going to be a hum-dinger. Now, as many of you good people here remember, well some of the younger adults may not, but you older ones can attest to it, it weren't too bad, we came out in clear view in writing an struck a deal that everyone if not pleased with at least could live with and we met the terms of that contract. Now, be that as it may, we know that we made mistakes, we freely and openly admit, that we got cocky, and we are heartily sorry, but everyone here has made a few mistakes in their time and all we are asking now of you is to give us the same chance you were given by other good folks of your caliber. Look folks were number [2] Two, and we promise [WE WILL TRY HARDER].


[Who's Invited In]


We are having and open tent celebration of the New Contract with You, and were not the other guy;


* You won't hear yourselves being call un-American, or un-Patriotic, because you voice your anger or frustrations, at Town-Hall meetings.


Your welcome here, if you feel like it well go on in an take off those store bought shoes and socks, and let your feet feel the cool green grass of this country's soil, it's like you it grew up here, and its no more un-American, or un-Patriotic then you, your past, present or future generations will be. Are you a Dreamer, are you a Thinker, are you a person that earns their living as a White or Blue Collar Worker, [Bad Old Tea-Baggers], are you a [Netchitizen], do you have young children, do you have elderly Ponders, well your all welcome, even if your sort of with the other side but they left you as they have many others, of the other side, we have heard it before, I didn't leave them they, left me. Well ya'all just come right on in, we will make room. There will be plenty of vittles, and will have some of that good old sweet tea, for the mrs, and maybe we can rustle up some [JD] Jack Daniels, for the boys, the mrs, can drive you boys home. And, were even going to have preacher Huckabee up from Arkansas to do the opening prayer, it will be non-denominational, but feel free to bring your man of God along, with the rest of the family, we can all use a little more sav'in.


[We're The Other Guy]


So, what's in it for you, it's hard times and we know many of you are out of work and your backs are against the wall, and the other guy is telling you what he's going to do for you [if you like it or not], doesn't ask, consult, or thinks you ain't got the brains to understand when he's doing something you don't want done, maybe he just didn't explain it right, when maybe he just didn't listen, and never understood that two ears were a sign you should listen twice as much more than just opening mouth once to often. You need something else taken care of JOBS, putting food on the table, and paying the bills, government out of your life, and out of your wallets. Well folks in just a [147] One and Forty-Seven Days that's all going to change, we may not agree but at least were willing listening, were going pull up a chair for you and the mrs, and were going to write down the things we can agree upon as to what should be done and were going to draw up an agreement a contract, our promise to you, were not going to be so foolish to this time tell you too read our lips, and then let you down, were going to say were going to give it our best, but it will also require your help, simple help, we know money's tight, but be at the poles folks, vote for number [2] Two, if you feel were your best bet, that's all we can and will ask. So, what's in it for you, is simple what do you want to be in it for you, sit down, let's talk, were not the other guy, you're a Tea-Bagger well I'm proud to meet another Patriot like myself, lets work on making this a win/win contract, and not my way or the highway, take a hike over the other side of the Hill, if you get my drift, We're The Other Guy!!



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