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[The Tale of the Jew and the Buddha]


Now, the Buddha was sitting under a plantain tree contemplating what Buddha contemplates, when along came a Jew, who was searching for land that would [Forever Need] be his own, upon reaching the Buddha, the Jew, ask if their were land available which the Jew could make his own, and the Buddha, being the Buddha contemplated his response as the Buddha would and answered, return here tomorrow, before dawn and bring with you [4] Four stakes. The next morning the Jew return to the exact location were he had meet the Buddha and the Buddha was again at the same exact spot were he had been. The Jew inquired what he had to do to get all the land that he would [Forever Need]? The Buddha replied you have from sunrise to sunset to take the [4] four stakes and lay out the area of the land that you will [Forever Need] need in this life time. They waited until sunrise  and the Jew began his quest by placing one stake in the very ground upon which the plantain tree and Buddha rested, and began his trek, first to the North, then to the East, then to the South, and again to the West, but you must understand that as the day progressed so did the desire of the Jew for more land increase, and gait went from a walk, to trot, to a run, to a race the pace increased as the sun began its decent towards the horizon, and just as the sun dipped below the horizon, the Jew reached the point at which his journey had begun, dropping dead at the foot of the Buddha. The Buddha looked down upon the Jew as he gasped his last breath, and said now you will have all the land you will [Forever] need, [1.2mt/4ft] One-Point-two-meters / Four-foot wide, [1.8mt/6ft] One-Point-eight meters/ Six foot long and [2.5mt/8ft ]  Two-Point-Five-meters/Eight foot deep, his odyssey had been as hollow as the plantain-tree. As a great and mighty wind which passes over the world in the heat of the day, so the Tathagata comes to blow over the minds of mankind with the breath of his love, so cool, so sweet, so calm, so delicate' and those tormented by fever assuage their suffering and rejoice at the refreshing breeze.


[The fruits of holiness]


So, what has this tale of the Buddha and the Jew to do with the modern day Dali Lama, it is to show that the Dali Lama has strayed from the noble path, and is acting much like John Paul II, the Catholic Pope the representative of the Catholic Deity upon earth had done with Poland, and now Tibet is the Poland of the Dali Lama, and the [PRC] Peoples Republic China is his [USSR] Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and the Dali Lama is acting as the Catholic Pope, and both entered the earthy halls of power to achieve the creation of States upon the earth, and just as the Jew, that was seeking all the land that he would [Forever Need], the Dali Lama has chosen to walk the path of those wielding worldly power, walking among the kings and princes of state, forgetting that wealth and power enslaves men, when it is written better than sovereignty over the earth, better than living in heaven, better than lordship over all the worlds, is the fruit of holiness, and knowingly by his visit to the Media Messiah Imperial President is doing harm in the present of which the future will reap the fruits of what has been sown in the present. The Dali Lama wears the robes of the faith while acting as a Tibetan activist and Rebel, and has left the path, even a slave is free and a Tathagata [Perfect One], comprehending Nirvana, when he walks upon the earth but not within the ways of this world, not poisoned by it.   


[The Dragon has awakened]


The visit by President Hu Jintao of the [PRC] Peoples Republic of China, to Washington, [DC] District of Clowns scheduled in April, must be cancelled upon the same date of the visit of the Dali Lama with the Media Messiah Imperial President of the America-Israeli Empire and will be forced by such a visit of the Dali Lama, to take corresponding measures to ensure that the International Community understands that times have changed and that the [PRC] is no longer the sleeping Dragon, and will not be treated as a  lesser power nor Kowtow to any nations among the world powers, nor be treated as a lesser power, the tough words of warning are at their end an now is the time when tough action will be substituted. It is time for the Empire to learn it will not bite the hand that feeds its economy without retribution, and it will feel the Dragons hot breath upon its economy. The [PRC] province of Taiwan should be put on notice that as of the [28th] of February [2010] if the American-Israeli Empires government has not cancelled the delivery of arms to that province, actions will be taken to reunite the break away Nationalist Chinese province by force, there will be no outside interference into the internal politics of the [PRC], nor will its International Relations be dictated by any outside foreign pressure, or threats, let the World Community take notice, China The Dragon of East has awakened.



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