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[Susan got it wrong]

Now, we tend to disagree with a Professor Susan Shirk, a professor specializing in Chinese foreign policy at the University of San Diego, [The Republic of California's Finest City], the University of California [The France of the North American Continent, now Susan [A Great name for a girl] said [Let's watch what they do, not what they say, because sometimes tough words in China are a substitute for tough action]. That may well have been the past textbook view, if it worked in the past well it's going to work again in this situation. But, this is not the [20th] Century it is a new football/soccer match, and not only do the Dreamers, Thinkers, Workers, and Netizens of the [21st] Century see things in a different manner the new upcoming leaders of Sphere of Influence around the world hold a different view, they have closed the old textbooks and are writing new textbooks for a new Century.

[The friend of my enemy is my enemy]

Now, some old textbook adages still apply in all ages and the one that goes the friend of my enemy is my enemy applies in this instance, and the Media Messiah Imperial President has aligned himself with the enemies of the [PRC] Peoples Republic of China, not [1] one but [2] two, the Nationalist Chinese Rebels of Taiwan, but with the leader of the Rebel movement of Tibet, the Dalai Lama but the Dalai Lama is not a Rebel, that is not exactly true, concerning yourself with the ways of the world is one thing but interjecting one's self into them is not the Buddhist way, its akin to who face in on the coin, the answer Caesar, then give unto Caesar what is Caesars  and on top of that if that weren't bad enough, the Imperial Media Messiah President is going to supply the Nationalist Chinese Rebels on Taiwan with military equipment, then expecting the [PRC] to support the Empire's Wars of Stimulus, and vote as the Empire dictates in [UN] United Nations Security Council Meetings, now if that isn't Gaul, than what is. Your meeting and siding with my enemies, giving them weapons, while taking my money, and telling me to vote as you say, give me a break.

 [Cancellation of April visit]

Susan should not be surprised if the visit by President Hu Jintao of the [PRC], to Washington, [DC] District of Clowns scheduled in April, will be cancelled, and has already publically stated that the [PRC] will take corresponding measures to make the relevant countries realize their mistakes, turning this into a bare knuckle brawl. Why would President Hu Jintao, Kowtow, to the leader of a nation that just interfered in the domestic affairs of the [PRC], which it's in hock up too its ears to. You want to talk to the man you owe money to and you just sided with his enemies, you better get off your high horse and do some kowtowing yourself on behalf of your debtor nation, my dogs come to me.

[On the QT Baby]

Susan should have realized that the Imperial Media Messiah President of the American-Empire is gaffe prone, and this is a stupid gaffe, a nation is like a woman, you don't go an date her enemies, side with them against her, give them the dirt on her they need to cause her grief in public, and at the same time be in debt to her father up to your ears and expect more loans at the same time, and on top of that expect her to go along with what ever you wants, ain't gu'na happen. If your going to date her enemies at least do it on the [QT] baby, and don't give them anything they can use against her, you simple don't get anything with vinegar you have to be a sweet honey tongued, affectionate devil, specifically if your broke an she's loaded. This should have gone down were Taiwan would have been let go, or channeled thru a third party and arms dealer and the meeting between the Dalai Lama and the Media Messiah Imperial President had been arranged in a neutral nation during some other than official state meeting, even the [UN] United Nations, we happened to have been at the same function at the same time. Susan should throw out her old textbooks, its time for new ones.

HERCULE TRIATHLON SAVINIEN                                  

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