Tuesday, February 16, 2010






Well, it seems that now the American-Israeli Empire's control of the media in the West has made the decision to bury anything negative or ever concerning the rift between itself and the [PRC] People's Republic of China, as the Gun-Boat Diplomacy [SOS] Secretary of State of the Empire Hillary Diane Rodham-Clinton once again showed her lack of diplomatic skills with the Saudi Arabians, in pants suit, head uncovered, a diplomatic slap in the face to the Muslim World, Madelyn  Albright, and Condi Rice, were far more sensitive to the Religious customs of the Muslim World, once again [I'm Hillary Diane Rodham-Clinton, no one Frackks with me, and I set the standard]. And, what did it achieve Saudi Arabia, doesn't support calls for Sanctions against the Shi-ite Persian Republic of Iran. While at home the Chicago Crowd headed by Rahm Emanuel who was fired by the Clinton Team, during the Clinton Administration, are at war with the Clinton Team, and its going to come down to a head to head between the two group for the keys to the kingdom door to the White House Oval Office and the Queen Bee of the State Department and one is going to be gone soon, the in fighting is down to an old fashioned gutter, knife fight, and one or the others political career will be ended.




Now, not only is China a back page issue and the meeting with the Dali Lama, a sneak him in the back way, and out the same way item, all Western sites have gone to great lengths on sites throughout the Western Media to remove, any and all counter arguments concerning the visit, references to Tibet or the Nationalist Chinese Province of Tiepin, closing down sites with Moderators and technicians doing a sweep down and removal of non-politically correct postings. So, that means what, well the Empire has come to the conclusion that it's a bad idea to bite the hand that is feeding you, and its time to think that a new dynamic in international diplomacy is in the offing.


So, what is going on in the world;


* The Sanctions against Iran are [NOT] going to happen.


* After the [4th] of July, you can expect the involvement of [EU/NATO] European Union/North Atlantic Treaty Organization to be one of well, now its up to those we have trained to carry on the work that has been started, but were out of here.


* Nothing of any real value can be expected from the Imperial Media Messiah President beyond lip service, with no points up on the score board, no one is sticking their necks out for a one term loser.


* The only thing of real interest is who's career is coming to and end [WCOS] White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, or [SOS] Secretary of State Hillary Diane Rodham-Clinton, my bet is that Rahm wins, the first She Who Must Be Obeyed, and When The Queen Is Happy There Is Peace In The Kingdom, says you ain't get'in it until Hillary's gone, putting her significant support behind Rahm, so, my money is on Rahm to win.


* Last but not least is that Dr. G. Westerwelle of Germany, the political rising star of Europe, and the future Mr. Europe, is shinning more with each passing day, a NEW GERMANY, and a NEW EUROPE, is being shaped by the Dreamers, Thinkers, Workers, [Netcitizens], of the [21st] Twenty-First Century, with the encouragement, backing, and support of Dr. Westerwelle, along with others of his cut in modern Europe.    


HERCULE TRIATHLON SAVINIEN                         

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