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The [BRIC] Sphere of Influences, Brazil, The Russian Federation, India, and [PRC] The Peoples Republic of China, the
 [16] Sixteen Nation currency trading bloc within the Asian Sphere of Chinese Influence, as the Euro represents the nations of the [EU] European nations linking the [10] Ten, [ASEAN] Association of Southeast Asian Nations, countries, who already want a single currency by [2020] the generally accepted end of the American-Israeli Empire, member would include; Australia, Brunei, China  [to include the breakaway Chinese Providence of Taiwan & the Taiwan Straits], Tibet, The China Sea, Hainan Island India, The countries within the region of Indo-China [Vietnam], Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan New Zealand, Paracel Islands, Philippines, Spratly Islands, and a United Korea. With a Geo-Economic Influence extending around the Economic [21st] Century Ring of Economic Fire the countries of the  [PAC/RIM] Those nations bounding the Pacific Rim, Australia, [The Republic of Alaska, The Republic of California, The Republic of Hawaii, upon their secession from the American-Israeli Empire], Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America, with extended Geo-Economic Influence into Africa [Sudan], Cuba, India, and Pakistan, thru loans and economic assistance.


The American Israeli Empire has thru the years with the [7th] Seventh Fleets held sway in the Asia Sea but that era is now coming to an end with the end of the Empire/ Pox American Era seen not later than [2020], by the majority of Geo-Political Realist. And the era of having [2] two large consumers of energy who both can't supply even a [1/3rd] third of their own needs, will have come to and end, and now the Sabre Rattling, Warmonger Empire [SOS] Secretary of State Hillary Diane Rodham-Clinton is raising her fist of War against the [PRC] Peoples Republic China, in an effort to destabilize Far East Asia, using as a pretext an illegal Taiwan Relations Act, as the Empire once again, has chosen too grossly interfere in the internal affairs of the Sovereign State of China, with the sale of arms to the Nationalist Providence of Taiwan, a Providence of the [PRC].

Taiwan [Nationalist China] with the Empire constantly being unwilling to abandon its sale of arms to Taiwan, and tries to impede the peaceful re-unification of the break away province with mainland China, going as far as having Taiwan working with Raytheon, since [2007], to construct its own [PAC 3] anti-ballistic missile system. But, increasingly China has exerted itself as the Sphere of Influence within is area stopping the sale of advance arms to the break away province, and has as a main goal of China's military build-up is to have sufficient forces on hand in the event of war across the Taiwan Strait, if necessary, if the province continues it's claim of secession, in the new reality of the ending of the American-Israeli Empire. But, the Empire and its Imperial Media Messiah President have announced a total sales package of [€4.5B/$6.3B] Four-Point-Five-Billion Euros/Six-Point-Three-Billion-Dollars, in military support to the National Chinese consisting of a [2.2B/$3.1B] Two-Point-Billion-Euros/Three-Point-One-Billion-Dollars, package of [60] Sixty, Blackhawk Helicopters, and [€2.9B/$4.1B] Two-Point-Nine-Billion-Euros/Four-Point-One-Billion-Dollars, worth of Patriot anti-missile systems, helicopters, mine-sweeping ships and communications equipment to the Rebel Nationalist Chinese hold up on Taiwan.


* [THE HAINAN ISLAND INCIDENT]: On [April 1, 2001], a mid-air collision between a United States Navy [EP-3E ARIES II] signals surveillance aircraft and a People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN)[ J-8II] interceptor fighter jet resulted in an international dispute between the United States and the People's Republic of China (PRC) called the Hainan Island incident. The [EP-3] was operating about [110 km/70 mi] One-hundred-ten-kilometres/Seventy-Miles away from the [PRC] controlled island of Hainan when it was intercepted by [2] two [ J-8] fighters. A collision between the [EP-3] and one of the [J-8s] caused the death of a [PRC] pilot, while the [EP-3] was forced to make an emergency landing on Hainan. The 24 crewmembers were detained and interrogated by the Chinese authorities until a letter of apology was issued by the Empire. It was the first foreign policy crisis in the presidency of George W. Bush.

* [INDIA]: The Empire's (CIA) Central Intelligence Agency is in Nepal, with underground bases having been constructed between Kings Road to the Empire Embassy in Maharaja a distance of (3mi/4.8km) Three miles/Four-Point-Eight Kilometres. India and the Empire increasingly have been developing the ability to launch an attack on the (PRC) Peoples Republic of Communist Red China

* [JAPAN]: Japan will soon have the capability to knock out China's entire land based [ICBM] Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles, force should the Chinese attempt a [1st] first or [2nd] second strike launch. Japan has been working with Raytheon out of the New Mexico desert, with the Japanese/Raytheon team having just finished conducting [2] two successful surface to space missile intercepts using their own, new, [PAC 3] version of the [Patriot STS] missile system. a surging This means Japan will be able to immediately and confidently deploy their own land based [PAC 3's] to augment their growing array of American sea-based [Aegis SM-3 ICBM/killer missiles].

But, there has been a political earthquake in as Japan too is seeing the end of the Empire by [2020], seeing itself as equals with the Empire no longer a senior-versus-junior partnership, and now wants closer Geo-Political diplomatic relations, forming a new Asian trading block exclusive of the Empire, with the new assertive Sphere of Influence of China. Japan is now demanding that within this decade [10] years, and by [2020] the American-Israeli Empire remove all its [47K/MIC] Forty-Seven Thousand, Military Industrial Complex troops of occupation, from Japanese Territory. The [PM] Prime Minster Yukio Hatoyama has halted Japan's refuelling of Empire led forces in [Af-Pac] War of Stimulus, Blood for Resources and Markets War.

* [KOREA]: The Empire is preparing to send an envoy Stephen Bosworth to the [PRK] Peoples Republic of North Korea, Pyongyang for rare direct talks, in a effort to replace the armistice agreement that ended the Korean War on the [26th of July 1953], with a permanent peace treaty while keeping its nuclear weapons. While the [ROK] The Republic of South Korea, after many decades of dithering, recently reached an agreement with the Empire to deploy on their soil [SM-3 and PAC 3] missile batteries by as early as [2011]. The Empire maintains [28K] Twenty-Eight-Thousand combat troops of occupation along the (155mi/248km-kilometers-long) One-fifty-five mile/Two-hundred-forty- eight kilometre, strewn with land mines, tank traps, and barbed wire laced [DMZ] De-Militarized Zone, drawn unilaterally by the US-led United Nations Command at the end of the [1950-53] Korean War, which has never been accepted by North Korea.

The Empire is planning to send to the [PRK] Capital of Pyongyang, envoy Stephen Bosworth, to discuss their nuclear weapons program, and to replace the armistice agreement that ended the Korean Civil War, on [26th July 1953], with a permanent peace treaty which is naïve in the present climate of decline as the American-Israeli Empire will no longer exist after [2020], as shown by the first naval clash in [7] Seven years having occurred on Tuesday the [10th of Nov. 2009/ 11:27 a.m./0227 GMT] off of the [ROK] Daecheong Island, [120] One-hundred-twenty nautical miles/[220km] Two-hundred-twenty kilometers off the [ROK] Port city of Incheon, West of Seoul, [in rich crab-fishing grounds off the Korean Peninsula's western coast, in the Yellow Sea, just another in a long list of confrontations between the [WWII] World War Two, Yalta, Agreement divided country.

It is time for the [ROK] to cut a deal with the [PRK], The Empire will no longer exist within a maximum time frame of [1] One decade, [10] ten short years, with its troops in the graveyard of Empires, with no hope of victory. It is over and the citizens of the [ROK] should look to either migrate to any other country but the Empire as it will be facing internal problems of its own, or come to terms with the new reality of being under the Sphere of Influence of China. The [ROK] should be united with the [PRK] peaceful terms, under the Hong Kong example.

* [THE NANSHA ISLANDS]: Tensions with the Philippines rose on March10th, 2009, the Philippine government passed a law claiming territorial jurisdiction the disputed Nansha Islands.

* [THE PARACEL ISLANDS]: over disputed fishing grounds [China, Taiwan, and Vietnam all claim the Islands, [640km/346 sea mi] Six-hundred-forty kilometre/Three-hundred-sea miles, south of Hong Kong, surrounding the Islands, China has in the past dispatched converted naval vessels into the area.

* [THE SPRATLY ISLANDS]: The [USNS] Impeccable, a submarine tracker/sky ship, was involved in a naval skirmish and harassed on March 8th, 2009, with [5] five Chinese vessels by Chinese vessels, while conducting illegal surveillance in waters under Chinese jurisdictional authority.

* [TIBET]  The Empires Imperial Media Messiah President will meet with the Dalai Lama, when the Tibetan spiritual leader visits the Empire in [February]  not, China sees the Dalai Lama as a Rebel Leader of the Tibet Independence Movement no less a Terrorist to China as Osama Bin Laden is to the Empire.


The long list of assaults upon the geo-political interests of the [PRC] can not and should no longer be tolerated, and left unanswered with the American-Israeli Empire simply playing down their actions, by saying quote, ["We have worked through these issues before. We will work through them again], unquote, which in State Department Diplomatic take simple means We pretty much do what we want, and have gotten away with it before and will continue to do so, in matters concerning the [PRC]. This is a direct assault upon the territorial integrity, and unwelcome meddling into the internal affairs of the Sovereign State of Peoples Republic of China, it has come time for an unmistakeable response Economically, Diplomatically, and militarily upon the Empire supported Nationalist Chinese Rebels. It is time to just stop working thru a reoccurring problem and take the necessary actions to end the problem, and that time is now. It's time to end the threat with a final problem solving response.    


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