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World Stability Based Upon [UN] Mandate and [NATO] Enforcement. [TWO]


[Impetus Meetings]


German representative completed its [1st] of [3] Three Impetus meetings with member states of the [EU] European Union, and [NATO] the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which was held upon the [1st] Tuesday, 12th, Jan., in Abu Dhabi, a [2nd] meeting has been scheduled for the following week Tuesday, 19th, Jan. and the [3rd] and most important what is called a Town Hall Meeting in Cologne, Germany on Jan. 25th, just [3] Three days prior to the London [Confab] meeting, of Jan. 28th. Germany has one of two plans to choose from the Perpetual Peace Plan or Self Supporting Security Plan.




STEP ONE: Creating the Unity of Nations


All nations, associations, and organizations i.e., [BRIC / ASEAN], of the Community of Nations would as members of the [UN] United Nations and Community of Nations relinquish, any Sphere of Influence control/ Regional Ownership or obligations upon governments and or regions that have been determined as failed states or regions which posed a threat to the [UN] Community of Nations, as determined by vote of its membership, within those regions, all member will be duty bound by membership to act in a unity of united purpose, in together, out together, one for all, all for one call to duty, with each member allowed to relinquish its obligations upon vote of the [UN] ONLY.            


STEP TWO: Establishment of Western-style democracies


The [UN] United Nations would be responsible for the establishment of Western-style democracies of Decentralize Governance, of the Switzerland type governmental structure or based upon the [1993] Bosnia-proposed Vance-Owen Plan, and to that purpose, on [Jan. 28th] European governments representatives will meet in the [U.K.] United Kingdom, London, too show their solidarity based upon terms of sharing the burden, and interest newly created [UN/NATO] Alliance.


STEP THREE: Create the [UN/NATO] Alliance


The [UN] and [NATO] the North Atlantic Treaty Organization would form an alliance based upon [UN] organization members having joint interests everywhere, with new asymmetrical threats having arisen in the [21st] and missions having developed that no one could have imagined within the past decade, fighting against these new forms of state based and non-state based terrorism, preventing the acquisition of [WMD's] Weapons of Mass Destruction with missiles or other deliver systems, cyber warfare, the threat posed by pirates, the [UN] within its charter would make the determination of failed states or regions which posed a threat to the Community of Nations, and after having taken vote of its membership, would authorize military action by [NATO] 


STEP FOUR: Creation of a [NATO] Czar.


Appoint a Coordinator each membership nation within the [UN] would appoint a [NATO] Czar, or [UN/NATO] Representative to act a coordinator and liaison, between [UN/NATO] membership nations, but with the over-riding authority given to the Czar/coordinator liaison official, under the authority of [UN] mandate, to levy upon each nation the what military assistance was necessary.


STEP FIVE: [NATO] Restructuring


The Secretary General of [NATO] under the mandate of the [UN/NATO] will commence a comprehensive restructuring with the organization, with the development of a new [UN/NATO] strategic concept, replacing the decade old strategy of pre-unification [UN/NATO] Alliance. Authorizing a pre-emptive use of offensive force, the intentional targeting of suspected belligerents, even when such individuals do not pose a direct threat, that do not pose an immediate threat, but would pose a high provability of a future threat, not involved in belligerent actions, as long as warlike conditions exist in any areas of [UN/NATO] Alliance operations.


STEP SIX: Receivership to Stability


Once a majority vote has been taken by the [UN], the combined authority of the [UN/NATO] would come into effect, at which time the belligerent entity would be taken under receivership status the mandate to create Western-style democracies of Decentralize Governance, of the Switzerland type governmental structure or based upon the [1993] Bosnia-proposed Vance-Owen Plan within these regions and states.






The [UN/NATO] Alliance transitional exit strategy within the belligerent states, mandate the immediate training of combined military, paramilitary, and civilian police force based upon gaining the trust of the inhabitants of these failed states, structure under the department of the [ISAF] International Security Assistance Force, with logistical and support funding under the International Law and Order Trust Fund of the [UN/NATO] Alliance, paid for by a tax levied upon [UN] member nations.



STEP EIGHT: Transfer of Power



Under [UN/NATO] reviews, based upon reports and recommendation of the [ISAF] receivership executorships, a gradual transfer of power, turning over control, district by district, province by province and could only be completed when these countries have proven their capable of governing their country,  guaranteeing not only their security, but that of the Community of Nations and will require that [ISAF] receivership executorships remain within effect in the receivership country or region, for undetermined amounts of time to ensure their stability, without hard withdrawal date, but based upon performance reviews and final vote of the [UN] to end receivership status, allowing full integration into the Community of Nations.






The Presentation of the Self Supporting Security Plan, will be made in future posting with comments concerning each until the [COMFAB] meeting of Jan. 28th    the main point that must be understood is that Germany is the [KEY], if Germany selects the Perpetual Peace Plan, power remains in Washington, D. C. and New York City, as the [UN/NATO] establishment remain in the Sphere of Influence of the American-Israeli Empire, if Germany selects the Self Supporting Plan, and the balance of power shifts to the [EU] European Union and Brussels.



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