Friday, January 22, 2010




[Huge, Enormous, Mistake]


The very first term that most articles concerning Hillary Diane Rodham-Clinton, what today pass's for the [SOS] Secretary of State, of the American-Israeli Empire, is Saber ratter, and many have made very good cases for the Saber Dancer not to be in that position, such as Ken Silverstein with his [5] Five Reasons Hillary Clinton should not be Secretary of State, but the Imperial Media Messiah President needed to get elected at the time and deals were made, and got into bed with Lilith the first wife of Adam who just was never going to be just the little woman, the drama queen with a  [me, me, me first attitude]  a big, hungry, needy ego surrounded by a team that's hungrier and needier still, was seen by those in the know as heading in the wrong direction leading to mistakes, it reminds of the scene in Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts, return to the boutique on Rodeo Drive, in Hollywood California and asked if they were paid on commission, the Imperial Media Messiah President like the mangers who refused to provide service made a mistake of Huge Enormous proportions, making Hillary [SOS].


[Militaristic Saber Ratting Pit Bull]


To say that Hillary is not an expert in geopolitics is an understatement, setting the standard for [my way or the highway] diplomacy and as with most major politicians, being a gifted generalist of limited thinking the Clinton philosophy and style of management are all one in the same, one of seeing potential enemies at every turn and not potential allies, then attaching blame, rejecting talking to now no longer Clinton created and perceived potential enemies but real threats, criticizing, opposing and deriding as naïve' and 'dangerous, in any way, any direct  kind of quiet diplomat initiatives put forward for negotiations needed to facilitate talks to explore options with those, now, Clinton created [adversaries], taking on the persona of militaristic saber ratting pit bull, labeling all those who don't share the same closed minded ideology as  dangers using sweeping speeches with cold war undertones threatening rhetoric, with the response from such an approach as an unacceptable ideological imposition that will never be allowed to stand.



 [The Great Firewall Debate]


Those who are anti any type of internet censorship call themselves  Netizens, [Net-Citizens], basically not citizens of any country with boarders, but, the new citizenship of a free and unrestricted cyber world, which is a nice way of looking at it, but even in cyber space, there are laws, restrictions, a social hierarchy, all the problems of any social structure, the internet has good guys and its bad. Now, being of the Ponder Generation, it is really up to the Dreamers, Thinkers, Workers, and [Netizens] of this generation to figure out just how their [21st] Century on and off line society is going to work, and we kind of figure it doesn't lay the hands of the State Department and especially Hillary Diane Rodham-Clintons, and in this case the Chinese Government has a better case, beyond keeping their cyber space advantage;


[ANTI-PORNOGRAPHY]  A Good Argument, mom and dad can't watch the kids all the time, and they could impose ideas or actions counter to the norms of society.


[SETTING SOCIAL NORMS OR VALUES] we just got thru watching a Criminal Minds program on the [TV] Tele/Television, in which kids were choking themselves to get a natural euphoric high, in the process killing if not themselves then brain cells both for good, and as this program showed in effect unrestricted Internet is a disguised attempt to impose its values on other, resulting in script writer deaths.


[The Bottom Line]

The [PRC] has made a reasoned and strong argument for their Great Firewall program, its their country and they have a right to determine just what's, what, now it is up to the Thinkers, Dreamers, Workers and [Netizens] to make the decisions of their [21st] Century Community and not a Ponder of the past, but one thing this ponder would never do is put their future and cyber space into the hands of Hillary Diane Rodham-Clinton, and The Clinton State Department, not on my worse day.



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