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Germany Running Out Of Time


[Impetus Meetings]


German representative completed its [1st] of [3] Three Impetus meetings  with member states of the [EU] European Union, and [NATO] the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which was held upon the [1st] Tuesday, 12th, Jan., in Abu Dhabi, a [2nd] meeting has been scheduled for next week Tuesday, 19th, Jan. and the [3rd] and most important what is called a Town Hall Meeting in Cologne, Germany on Jan. 25th, just [3] Three days prior to the London [Confab] meeting. The time has come for Germany to take charge of its own destiny, it is time to make a decision is Germany a Sovereign State of the [21st] Century, and the outcome of the meeting [Will] well determine the future of Germany in the [21st] Century, demonstrated by its support or nonsupport of the American-Israeli Empires Wars of Economic Stimulus, Resources and Markets, Blood for Oil rampages on the Islamic Crescent/Arabian Crescent/Hindu Cush.


[German Vs Empire Long Term Considerations]


By the year [2020], the American Israeli Empire will no longer exist that is a fact, and in fact the entire  of the North American Continent's Demography will have shifted to an African based culture, the dollar will no longer be the international base currency having been replaced by the;


Diversified/Multilateral Currency Regime


Diversified/Multilateral Currency Regime, based upon a broader trade-weighted basket. The Multilateral Currencies would be the GLOBAL NUMERAIRE CURRENCIES [Euro, Pound Sterling, Japanese Yen, and Chinese Yuan], and hard currency Gold, Silver, Oil and Mineral Currency-The Russian Federation,   Food Production Currency-Brazil, and Production Currency The Peoples Republic of China/India, assets that are less volatile, against price fluctuations, virtually context-free of the chance of their value disappearing entirely. With the creation of a [16] Sixteen Nation currency trading bloc within the Asian Sphere of Chinese Influence, as the Euro represents the nations of the [EU] European nations linking the [ASEAN] Association of Southeast Asian Nations, countries, who already want a single currency by [2020] the generally accepted end of the American-Israeli Empire, members Australia, China, India, Korea, and New Zealand.


[Dollar devaluation effects]


The American-Israeli Empire has increased its funding for its [2nd ]Surge on the Islamic Crescent/Arabian Crescent/Hindu Cush, from [$30B/20.7B] Thirty-Billion-Dollars/Twenty-Billion-Euros, to [$33B/€22.8] Thirty-three Billion-Dollars/Twenty-two-point-eight- Billion-Euros, this due to the steep devaluation of the dollar on the international market, this can also be seen in other international affairs as Germany pledged [€79M] Seventy-nine-million-Euros, in aid to Yemen and at the time of the pledge represented a value of  [$100M] One-hundred-million-dollars, but since that pledge the same [€79M] Seventy-nine-million-Euros, amount represents [$114M] One-hundred-fourteen-million-dollars, and increase due to the steep decline in the value of the dollar on the international dollar.


[Empire negatives]


The trade deficit of the Empire has steadily increased with the lack of an industrial base within the Empire with all its manufacturing have been shipped out, and the continuing loss of industrial base under the [NAFTA] North American Free Trade Association. The only thing being shipped to other countries are the Military Forces [Marines], in Wars of Economic Stimulus. The Empire has insufficient energy to support its need, with no heavy rail system, trucking is the means of transportation over a [4] four time zone area alone of what is called the lower [48] and for its total expanded Empire the cost are astronomical, lacking even a basic national power grid system, based upon Nuclear Power, and for over a century the Empire has neglected its infrastructure to the point of its collapsing under its own weight.      


[The Economic Considerations]


Germany has been divided for decades, and East Germany requires the economic input of the German government, to bring it to equal status with West Germany, and Germany has suffered a [5%] decline over the last year, then the aid package to Yemen, funding the supports of its troops in the Hindu Cush, wars tend to become very expensive very quickly, with unemployment on the rise, voters tend to vote their pocket book, and that means the fall of one elected government after another until there is adequate employment. Just how much of a military commitment is Germany willing to carry as the coalition of the willing dwindles with each day, down from [47] Forty-Seven to [44] Forty-four, and many countries are joining Canada which has announced its unequivocal withdrawal, being insistent and making it crystal clear that Canada intends to withdraw [ALL] Canadian Combat Troops Contingents by [May 1st 2011]. There will be [NO] Canadian involvement upon the Islamic Crescent / Arabian Peninsula, beyond civilian missions of humanitarian nature, and that of proving training and the tools for [Self Supporting Security Missions], any diplomatic activities will be handled thru the Canadian Embassy, with only the normal security forces in the embassy, and embrace the [Self Supporting Security] Strategy in any future Canadian military operations, within [NATO].


[The questions Germany must answer]


The question is now just how many governments will fall in Germany before one that will only look to the interests of Germany as its first concern, and how much time will be lost, how much damage will that time lost have caused, in the short and or long term. Germany is running out of time, askers to hard questions have to be made, which comes first the Chicken or the Egg, is Germany a Sovereign State in its own right or a Vassal State to the American-Israeli Empire, questions and answers that will affect the course of Germany, in the [21st] Twenty-First, and into the [22nd] Century.



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[Gardener Needed]


German Chancellor Angela Merkel, The self-declared 'chancellor of all Germans' has been described as Frau Europe, the European dominatrix of international back-room deal-making, but now the chancellor wanes with poll ratings dropping daily, reputation in tatters, brushing off valid criticism for  being foolhardily unpredictable in her stubbornness and offering hollow excuses, while demonstrating a lack of a well-defined image or clear identity, seen as aloof, apathetic, strangely indolent and removed. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, is perceived as non-leadership, looking in from afar merely presiding, sitting it out, going along for the ride open to everyone and everything, with the attitude of just get on with it, no longer showing a passionate stewardship of the German State, but a profound lack of leadership and or governance of the State, leaving the Eden of The European Garden the German State, without a Master Gardener, and a new Gardener is needed for the tending of the German [21s] Century State.


 [The 21st Century German Garden]


German soil for to long has been used by others for their own benefit, in the East the fruits of the German soil were taken at will, with no effort taken to tend the garden nor provide for the soil of Germany beyond that necessary to gather the harvest, and once it was no longer fruitful to its masters was abandoned, leaving behind the soil of Germany needing redevelopment, regeneration. In the West the Germany soil was seen as fertile for the growing of a European/German version, a copy of itself, of the [Special Relationship] founded, American-Israeli Empire planted in the soil of Germany, to be held and maintained as a permanent position of that Empire, with [60K] Sixty-thousand troops of occupation, to ensure its possession. The German Garden is no longer divided and should not be allowed to be fully owned and held in servitude of the Empire, but must be set free of that ownership and servitude, with the German soil, made that of the German people and only the German people, its fruits that of the German people, free of the past division and Empire troops of occupation. The Garden of Europe and Germany must be a European Garden.


[Open the Garden Gate]


The light of the German State is out in the Chancellery, with the Garden left unattended, the German State needs a leader of and for the [21st] Century European German State, the German people rightly expect, deserve and must demand a leader who will take charge, erasing the scare of division in the soil of Germany caused by [2] Two forces which used the soil of Germany for their own benefits but not for the benefit of the German peoples. Germany needs a Master Gardner of and from the German soil, which will clear the German soil and Garden from foreign plants damaging the German soil, not meant to be a copy of another; the European German Garden must once again become German. At the Garden Gate of the German Chancellery waiting is that Master Gardener, with his sleeves rolled up, with tools waiting to be distributed among the German people to take in hand and side by side begin the job of cutting, clearing, and replanting, and rebuilding of the German Garden, a unique German Garden Spot within the European Garden State, it is time for Germany to Open the Garden Gate!



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