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Now, the new plan the German Foreign Minister Dr. Guido Westerwelle, is a basically well taught out plan than has been contributed to by may   Netizens, [Net-Citizens], Dreamers, Thinkers, and Workers of the New [21st] Century, who like it or not will soon be behind the steering wheel, and they have control of the radio, and decide just what tunes are going to be played. But, that said, is the plan perfect, NO! The best laid plans of mice and men are often led astray, so it goes, and so it is with Dr. Westerwelle's plan, but any plan is better than nothing at all, and the plan placed on the table by the Arrogant Richard Hal Holbrooke after his nabs, catching his [Z's], getting that beauty rest, was no plan at all, give us troops and money and we will decide just how to make use of both, Hillary Diane Rodham-Clinton Saber Rattling, my way or the highway, gun-boat diplomacy. Now, we have the two plans on the table, if anyone has a better plan to offer, well the proposition is open for discussion.


In this corner we have the American-Israeli Empire, whose plan is to colonize the entire of the Islamic Crescent/Arabian Peninsula/Hindu Cush, in yet another War of Economic Stimulus, Resources and Markets, Blood for Oil, [NYSE] New York Stock Exchange carnage. On the other side we have the [IFF/IECF] Islamic Freedom Fighters/Irregular Enemy Combatant Forces, they have been there, done that, so many time's it's simply nothing new, we were here before the Empire came here and we will still be here after yet another Empire has left. The New Plan offered up Dr. Westerwelle's was and is a well taught up one, and it allowed for freedom of change, here's the clay now form your pot or vase anyway you desire, but no using it as a weapon this is government [101] and not weapons making [101]. The problem was, is and will be the American-Israeli Empire, it is there to colonize, and set up a so called Democratic Government a Democratic Puppet Government, if it were about aiding in the establishment of a stable government of whatever type, with a firm withdrawal planned date, it would in fact work, but that's not Stan the Man's Plan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal the Commander of the [NATO] North Atlantic Treaty Organization troops in the [Islamic Crescent/Arabian Peninsula/Hindu Cush], or Hillary Diane Rodham-Clinton's Third Clinton Presidency.

[Germany Training [IFF/IECF]]

So, what are Germany, The German & French Alliance, and the [EU] European Union left with buy your way out! It is being screamed that Germany is only training [IFF/IECF], and the answer to that is [You Bet Ya!], it's the only way out for the now broken [NATO] North Atlantic Treaty Organization, [EU] members, it gives political cover. Well, we were task with the job of training paramilitary, military, and police forces, task complete were going home, the other side is saying, now, were paying you to be part of our organization, and we have set up Jurga's [Local Government] we have been there for you, now you must be here for us and yourself, we will continue to pay you, as you collect yet another paycheck from the Empire. Go receive the training they offer and bring that training back to be shared with others of your true family community, family comes first. But, were leaving behind a failed governmental structure, NO! Your leaving behind a Non-Democratic, Non-Puppet [IFF/IECF] run government, and as one Joe Black said, I wouldn't worry these things have a way of working themselves out.

[Europe is buying its way out]

Make no mistake that in fact Germany, the German & French Alliance, and the [EU] are buying their way out of the Empires Colonization War of Economic Stimulus on the [Islamic Crescent/Arabian Peninsula/Hindu Cush] with;    

* [REHABILITATION FUND]: A Rehabilitation Fund which the German Republic is putting it's money were its mouth is in the amount of [€50M/$70.36M] Fifty-Million Euros/Seventy-Point-thirty Million Dollars, part of a [€350M/$492.5M] Three-Hundred-Fifty-Million-Euros/Four-hundred-ninety-two-million in pledges to the fund.

* [A RECONSTRUCTION FUND] for the construction of a modern infrastructure, economic and social development process vital to the peoples of the region, and in line with Step Six, of the [Self Supporting Security] approach. To which Germany has pledged [430M/$605M] Four-Hundred-Thirty-Million-Euros/Six-Hundred-Five-Million-Dollars, Annually until [2013].    


* We have a Brilliant and Bond New European Leader in the German Foreign Minister Dr. Guido Westerwelle

* The Tea-Baggers, Netizens, [Net-Citizens], Dreamers, Thinkers, and Workers of the New [21st] Century are stepping up and beginning to make a difference.

* [NATO] is gone the way of the League of Nations, and the Dodo Bird.

* Germany was never a cowardly nation, it was and is a Dr. Bruce Banner nation, [THE HULK], don't make us angry your not going to like us when were angry. A NEW GERMARY has been born, and will change the dynamics of Europe

* The American-Israeli Empire is just another Imperialist Colonial Power in the Graveyard of Empires, with the same end result.

* That the Empire is in yet another failing third Clinton Administration control, of Hillary Diane Rodham-Clinton and Bubba, Saber Rattling, my way or the highway, we know what's best, gun-boat diplomacy, Wars of Economic Stimulus [21st] Century; do over of the [20th].  That the Tea-Baggers, Netizens, [Net-Citizens], Dreamers, Thinkers, and Workers of the New [21st] aren't buying into.

HERCULE TRIATHLON SAVINIEN                                

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