Friday, January 8, 2010




[Canadian Unequivocal withdrawal]


Canada with a Troop of  [2.5K] Two-thousand-five-thousand, and having lost [128] One-hundred-twenty-eight [KIA] Killed in action in Kandahar, in the southern region of  Helmand province fighting too retake, Taliban gains in  support of the American-Israeli War of Economic Stimulus, of Resources and Markets, based upon, Blood for Oil War, with a daily decreasing support on the Canadian home front, the Canadian government in Ottawa has therefore announced its unequivocal withdrawal, insistent that that they intend to withdraw [ALL] Canadian Combat Troops Contingents by [May 1st 2011]. There will be [NO] Canadian involvement upon the Islamic Crescent / Arabian Peninsula, beyond civilian missions of humanitarian nature, and that of proving training and the tools for [Self Supporting Security Missions], any diplomatic activities will be handled thru the Canadian Embassy, with only the normal security forces in the embassy.


[London Confab of 28th Jan.]


Since Canada has joined the French & German Alliance and all will Unequivocal be withdrawing their troops from the American-Israeli Empires War of Economic Stimulus, for Markets and Resources, Blood for Oil, on the Islamic Crescent/Arabian Peninsula, by [May Day / May 1st of 2011], Canada has created yet another crack in the Wall of [NATO] North Atlantic Treaty Organization Unity of purpose and the pressure is building with the up coming [28th January], Confab to be held in the city of London, hosted by both the [UK/PM] United Kingdom Prime Minster Gordon Brown fresh on the heels of the Scottish [UK/PM] having surviving a backroom brawl, calling for a vote of No Confidence in June, and the Secretary General of [NATO]  Anders Fogh Rasmussen of Denmark, 'Der Stümper von Kopenhagen' ('The Clutz from Copenhagen'), and supported by the Media Messiah President of the American-Israeli Empire, all of whom to date have used every diplomatic tick of the trade, and the sky is falling, chicken little, hue and cry of the Terrorist are coming, the Terrorist are coming, too create a sense of urgency and fear, to maintain a sense, an impression of unity among all [47] Forty-Seven nations within and without [NATO] of mutual support, for Offensive operations to be taken within the war in Afghanistan, and the separation of [1] One war from another, as if they were not multiple theatres within the same area of operation the Islamic Crescent/Arabian Peninsula, [Iraq, Afghanistan, the secret wars in Pakistan, and Yemen].


[Self Supporting Security]


The process of Self Supporting Security is seen by the Community of Nations as the only rational approach to the solution to failed states which have collapsed serving as incubators of terrorism. The true reality is it is not logical that an organization such as [NATO] or even the American-Israeli Empire alone too give expectations, or assurance's of viable government as either non-occupational or occupational forces artificially propping up a weak and unpopular government, beyond those held in place by force by occupational forces, which won't mean a thing, unless that force is held in place. Rather the objectives for the mission's would be providing an open hand of support with the creation of and establishment of viable, functioning stable state governments not necessary democratic or even western in style, within regions by aiding to help rebuild the government infra-structure's, creating some acceptable rule of law both internally and internationally, which fit the norms of civilized society, able to create their own methods of maintaining the governance of their country, thru the process of Self Supporting Security a reasoned approach, built upon a pre-planned training and transitional exit strategy based upon, providing training to police, paramilitary, and military forces, supplying  the tools, and prerequisite instructions upon which too establish and gain the trust of the people of that failed government or region, with a gradual transfer of power, turning over control, district by district, province by province, but within a pre-set and established time frame for the complete, total and unequivocal, withdrawal upon the completion of that Self Supporting Security Training Mission, with [NO] troops of unlimited durational occupation maintained within these regions, or nation states, Peace thru non-aggressive, temporary military support and training.



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