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[Cologne-Germany Tea-Bagger Town Hall Meeting]



On Monday Jan. 25th, less than a week away, the [3rd] third and last but not least in its importance, of the Impetus meetings, called a Town Hall Meeting will take place in Cologne, Germany and the slick talking Hal Holbrook will be there, and just [3] three days prior to the London [Confab] meeting, of Jan. 28th. And the importance of these meetings as [KEY] both in direction in which  Germany will take in the Wars on the Islamic Crescent / Arabian Peninsula / Hindu Cush, by choosing [1]one of [2] two options of [2] two opposite views for the [21st] Century one of [Perpetual Peace Plan] Vs [Self Supporting Security];



[Perpetual Peace Plan] a policy of Democratic State Creation by Offensive Military Force, in the end, tying the newly created states too Washington, [D. C.] and New York City.



[Self-Supporting Plan] a policy of State Supporting Non-Offensive Aid, shifting the balance of power to the [EU] European Union and Brussels, were are not attached to providing necessary aid and support, but based upon overview and deliberations, between concerned parties.



[Cologne-Tea-Bagger Time]



Time has run out on Germany and its leadership, and now is not the time for the German people to just sit idle not making their views forcefully know, its time for the gloves to come off, its time for a [Cologne-Tea-Party], the time of the verbal [case making] rationale, of one Bundestag Foreign/Defense Minister after another;



Defense of the Fatherland Germany, and its security interests, can only be achieved by acting in solidarity with our [NATO] allies in the fight against terror, bringing stabilization, human rights, the rule of law and democracy on the Islamic Crescent/Arabian Peninsula/Hindu Kush.



Has ended none of the goals has been met, and there is no real indication that they will ever be achieved by the artificially propping up of a weak and unpopular western style Democratic government, set up and protected by the Community of Nations, acting in military organization [NATO] the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or [UN] United Nations sanctioned intervention, that in fact the forces or organizations efforts are seen in a negative sight as only serving Western Interests , only serving to create incubators of terrorist activism.



[Ending Foothold Europe]



Why are [60K] Sixty-thousand American-Israeli Empire still stationed in the German Fatherland, and were is the threat, that can not be handled solely by European Forces acting together without the need of troops of [Occupation] remaining on Germany soil forever? The Government of Japan has called for the removal of all American-Israeli Empire [FOOTHOLD] troops from its soil, allowing it to once again be a fully sovereign state once again, having withdrawn from any operation direct of supportive, on the Islamic Crescent/Arabian Peninsula/Hindu Kush. If foreign leaders are so adamant that additional troops are required to achieve an ill defined goal, then why does that weight of responsibility rest on the German State, when the [60K] Sixty-thousand Empire Troops are available at their finger tips? Setting aside any question concerning any withdrawal plan from the Islamic Crescent/Arabian Peninsula/Hindu Kush, its time to discuss a phased plan of withdrawal of all [60K] Sixty-thousand Empire [FOOTHOLD] troops from German soil, the largest force of occupation within any country in the world by any country on the globe.



[Germany First]



It is time for the German people to demand that the government place the interests of the German State above those of state building in the interests of creating Western Style Governments by force around the Globe, why should German Blood and Treasure continue to be wasted supporting verbal [case making] rationale. The German Bundestag authorized [4.3K] Four-thousand-three-hundred, German Bundeswehr [German Armed Forces]changing it with the Self-Supporting Training Mission, of training combined military, paramilitary, and civilian police force too protect their own population, and thereby gaining the trust of the inhabitants of these failed states, allowing for a gradual ending of assistance, district by district, province by province, under a combined assessment of [UN/ISAF/German] reviews, in consultation with the requesting authority, but within a pre-set and established time frame subject to change at the request of the requesting authority and review of the [UN/ISAF/Germany] for the complete, total and unequivocal, withdrawal upon the completion of that Self Supporting Security Training Mission, with [NO German] troops of unlimited durational occupation [receivership executors] maintained within these regions, or nation states, defense of the German Fatherland, and its security interests thru non-aggressive, temporary military support and training, not [JAMMING] Western Style Government down the throats of others.




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