Friday, January 29, 2010




[Comfab Orderly Withdrawal Meeting]


Now, there is a lot going on that of course the controlled press of the Empire is not reporting upon, relations with Japan going down hill, twisting the Chinese noses with a big arms sale to the Nationalist Chinese, the Military take over of Haiti, but we will stick to the [1st] of many [ORDERLY WITHDRAWAL] conferences of which the [ComFab] meeting held on [Jan. 28th, 2010] was just the first. Now, Carsten Volkery described it as a turning point were as we described it in advance as a crossroads, but it depends on how your pronounce Tomato [Toe-may-toe or Toe-Mot-tow], but it was a change in direction no matter how you want to describe things. Now, Carsten has it pretty much correct, [99.9%] Ninety-Nine-Point Nine percent, were just putting it all into down and dirty language. Carsten wrote again and we quote, Victory of the proponents of real politik/politics [you see the k and cs Tomato], over the idealists, end quote. Translated Get Real if you can't define Victory how, can you achieve it.




We went back in our notes and came up with the [In Together, Out Together] Each member of the coalition is locked into, married to [NATO] until death do them part, and there will be no firm, hard withdrawal date, and would remain in effect until another [UN] vote to remove receivership status once a state so taken into receiver ship status or will forever remain in receiver ship status. Well its changed to we got into this Mess Together, now don't everyone run for the door all at once, a simple someone has Cried Fire! Fire! Fire! In The Theater, and the Usher is standing with the flashlight to keep control of the situation, calling for an [ORDERLY WITHDRAWAL], but the question is will it work or will someone just say Get out of the way were out of here, Canada, has already set [May 1st, 2011] as there [DDD] Drop Dead Date, were out of here, and Japan has already left.


[The Key has Turned]


Now, again we went back to our notes, and we in advance had said that Germany, The French German Alliance, the [EU] European Union, and the German Foreign Minister Dr. G. Westerwelle, Keep an eye out for Dr. Westerwelle, in European Politiks/Politics, but to continue, a very short time ago, Frau Europe the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel was pledging, [Now in diplomatic talk a pledge is more a maybe], German Bundeswehr [German Armed Forces] troops in the number of [2.5K] Two-Thousand-five-hundred, then it came down to a maximum of no more than [1K] One-thousand, and now its sort of dropped to something in the range of [850], Eight-hundred-fifty, now this is a sort of number, [350] are to [RDF] Rapid Deployment Forces, the question is [RDF] from where, were betting Germany, they are committed to the Islamic Crescent/ Arabian Peninsula / Hindu Cush, just not there, and the other [500], will they will be needed to train the [300K] Three-Hundred- Thousand, [IFF/IECF] Islamic Freedom Fighters/Irregular Enemy Combatant Forces, that will be flooding into the Puppet Government established by the Empire, under Germany's [€50M/$70.36M] Fifty-Million Euros/Seventy-Point-thirty Million Dollars, part of a [€350M/$492.5M] Three-Hundred-Fifty-Million-Euros/Four-hundred-ninety-two-million in pledges to the funding of the Rehabilitation Fund /Demobilization & Disarmament Program, while at the same time the puppet government and Germany under the Self Supporting Security Program, seeing the turn over and the rapid ending of assistance, district by district, province by province, under a combined assessment of [UN/ISAF] reviews of a large part of the regions to the Empire puppet government within months, yes months, by the end of [2010].        


[Reality Hits Home]


Now, Hillary Diane Rodham-Clinton, says the [24/7] Twenty-four hour a day, Seven days a week grind has simply worn the Park Ridge Bee-Itch down, after seeing Hillary in an [18] eighteen month dog fight for the Presidential Nomination, and [8] eight years in the Right-Wing Oval Office, the Office's of She Who Must Be Obeyed by Bubba, and somehow that wasn't a [24/7+] Job, and now Hillary hasn't the gas to clime on her Broom, not buying it. Hillary remembers the Rose Garden, as sweet smelling, and beautiful to look at, but there are thorns in the Garden now, the Garden has gone natural and wild no longer under the control or maintenance of White House or the Empire. What we are referring to the Winds of Fate have changed, there are Japanese Prime Minster Yukio Hatoyama, The Peoples Republic of China President Hu Jintao, The Russian Federations President Dmitry Medvedev  and German Foreign Minister Dr. G. Westerwelle, of [21st] Century Caliber Leadership, and then there are the Tea-Baggers, Netizens, [Net-Citizens], Dreamers, Thinkers, and Workers of the New [21st] aren't buying into the old way, and just going along with things as they are. So, its more like the victory of the proponents of real politik/politics over the idealists, reality has hit home and Hillary is ready to hit the road and were not talking about the [SOS] of Secretary Of State, but Save Oh Save, let me out of here road, Ask Not For Whome The Bell Tolls, it's the FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! Bell, now let's have an Orderly Withdrawal.



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