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Now, there was an article posted at (www.Star-Telegram.Com) giving the Imperial Media Messiah President an Incomplete on the administrations handing of International Affairs, and that was being generous, the State Department under the leadership of Hillary Diane Rodham-Clinton, seems to be  overloaded  (peregruzka) and needs to be reset [perezagruzka]. First Hill is in Hawaii, insulting the Japanese, calling the Japanese to her, with no homework done prior to the meeting Japanese representative were summoned to attend, and now will send a formal reply to on or about [May Day] the [1st] of May, Hill runs to Haiti to get some photo ops. After the tell all book about the Clintons hits the book stand. Mean while in Europe, things are heating up in advance of the [ComFab] meeting, of the [28th] of Jan. to be held in London. The guess is that the Dept. of State has decided that they were there before Hill got there and they will still be there when Hill is gone, if Hill want it, my way or the highway, their more than willing to wave good-by and good-luck, let us know how it all works out.



[Impetus Meetings]



German representative has completed its [2nd] of [3] Three Impetus meetings with member states of the [EU] European Union, and [NATO] the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, with the [1st] meeting having been held upon Jan. 12th, the [1st] Tuesday of the month, in Abu Dhabi, the second held on the  [2nd] Tuesday of the month Jan. 19th , with the [3rd] and last but not least in its importance, what is called a Town Hall Meeting in Cologne, Germany on Jan. 25th, and the slick talking Hal Holbrook will bet there, and just [3] Three days prior to the London [Confab] meeting, of Jan. 28th. And the importance of these meetings as [KEY] both in direction in which  Germany will take in the Wars on the Islamic Crescent / Arabian Peninsula / Hindu Cush, by choosing one of [2] two options of [2] two opposite views for the [21st] Century one of [Perpetual Peace Plan] Vs [Self Supporting Security], another do over of the [20th] Century, of the American-Israeli Economic Wars of Stimulus, Resources and Markets, Blood for Oil, around the globe., but the fate of the German Government, the fate of [NATO] The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and the fate of the German & French Alliance.



[Kunduz Affair]



The Kunduz Affair, of the [4th of Sept], may lead to the downfall of not only Karl-Theodor Zu Guttenberg, the new defense minster, but the current German government, as it seems there was a cover up of Col. Georg Klein's, going beyond [ISAF] International Security Assistance Force, Dynamic Targeting and Procedures Directives, taking Offensive Actions resulting in the deaths of [142] One-hundred-forty-two, the majority civilians when [2] two, [227kg] Two-twenty-two, Kilogram American bombs were targeted and dropped by [2] Two American [F-16] Fighter Aircraft having a direct bearing upon the [25th] Jan. Town hall meeting in Cologne, and the [28th] ComFab. meeting to be held in London, does Germany send more troops, beyond that authorized [4,300] Four-thousand-three-hundred, German Bundeswehr [German Armed Forces]by the German parliament, does Germany change its mission from a defensive training mission to an offensive military mission, will the role of [NATO] forever be changed from that of a defensive European Organization to a Pre-emptive Offensive nation building organization, will the German French Alliance end, will the German Parliament Rubber Stamp any agreements between Holbrook and Merkel. The importance of these meeting has not been missed by General Stanley McChrystal [NATO] North Atlantic Treaty Organization, who is at this point only seeking a verbal support and Germany not withdrawing along with Canadian and other force on May Day of [2011], after the loss of Japanese Support.



[Tet Taliban Style]



The importance of the [Impetus / ComFab] meetings has not been missed by the Taliban [IFF] Islamic Freedom Fighters, as reported by the German newspaper Die Tageszeitung [The Daily Paper], which reported;



"The Taliban isn't marching into Kabul -- not yet, at least. But their attack shows that they can strike even in the country's supposedly secure center of power. … The aim of the attack had less to do with military objectives and more with propaganda. It is similar to rebel attacks on the power centers of other countries such as the Tet Offensive by the Viet Cong in [1968], the Sandinistas' siege of the National Palace in Nicaragua in [1978] or even the terrorist attacks of [Sept. 11, 2001]. All were militarily useless, but sent extremely effective propaganda messages. They were able to change the public perception of the respective conflicts, and thus to some extent change the course of those conflicts."



An in contrast to the belief that [80%] eighty percent of Taliban militants are not ideologically motivated of US Brigadier-General Ben Hodges, the Director of Operations of Regional Command South of the ISAF (International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan), just as in Vietnam, the [VC & NVA] Viet Cong / North Vietnamese Army, were broken and defeated, the Taliban and [IFF] have proven they can not only capable of just [scare them to death], they can and will reach out and touch someone at will, the roof of the American Embassy in Afghanistan is a long way a Carrier Task Force Evac.



[The ComFab of 28th. Jan.]



So, all the players seem to have suddenly woke up to the idea that something is really happening this time that will have major ripple effects thru Europe, its gotten the attention of the Scottish [PM] Prime Minister of England Gordon Brown of the [UK] United Kingdom, the Secretary General of [NATO] the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Anders Fogh Rasmussen of Denmark, 'Der Stümper von Kopenhagen' ('The Clutz from Copenhagen'), German Chancellor Angela Merkel, The self-declared 'chancellor of all Germans' has been described as Frau Europe, the European dominatrix of international back-room deal-making, Prime Minister of Israel Benyamin/ Binyamin [BiBi Gift from God] Netanyahu, Hal Holbrook, General Stanley McChrystal, and the commanders of the [IFF] Islamic Freedom Fighting forces, and Germany is the [KEY].






Germany is [KEY] at the [COMFAB] meeting of Jan. 28th        

Too be held in London [UK] United Kingdom if Germany selects the;



[Perpetual Peace Plan] a policy of Democratic State Creation by Offensive Military Force, in the end, tying the newly created states too Washington, [D. C.] and New York City.



[Self-Supporting Plan] a policy of State Supporting Non-Offensive Aid, shifting the balance of power to the [EU] European Union and Brussels, were are not attached to providing necessary aid and support, but based upon overview and deliberations, between concerned parties.




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