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[Impetus Meetings]

German representative completed its [2] of [3] Three Impetus meetings with member states of the [EU] European Union, and [NATO] the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the first was held upon the [1st] Tuesday, 12th, Jan., in Abu Dhabi, with a [2nd] meeting the following week Tuesday, 19th, Jan. and now the [3rd] and most important of what is called a Town Hall Meeting in Cologne, Germany on Jan. 25th, is just a day away, the last, just [3] Three days prior to the London [Confab] meeting, the international Afghanistan Conference next week in London.of Jan. 28th. Germany has one of two plans to choose from the Perpetual Peace Plan or Self Supporting Security Plan.

[Dr. Guido Westerwelle]

So, who is Dr. Guido Westerwelle, a young up and coming political star of the [21st] Century, the German Foreign Minister, the guy is a talented leader, and unlike the Saber Rattling Hillary Diane Rodham-Clinton, my way or the highway, gun-boat diplomacy, Dr. Westerwelle has chosen to follow another direction and is unwilling to just go along for the ride, and simply say yes to everything put forward by the Empire or any other government, seeing that approach as not good German foreign policy, willing to develop new strategies and policies with allies willing to be open to give and take and not a our way or the highway resolution with the  New Germany taking the lead. Dr. Westerwelle brings a youthful, [21st] Century approach to doing business on the International scene, working to create both a New and Dynamic Germany, and Europe, Dr. Westerwelle's approach to the on going conflict on the Islamic Crescent/Arabian Peninsula/ Hindu Cush, is based upon the concept of [Self Supporting Security], and has outlined a [5] Five point plan, which will allow the ending of German military involvement, an at the London [ComFab] conference will press for a process ending in the handing over of responsibility for its own Self Supporting Security to Afghanistan starting within the year, and ending with German military withdrawal by May Day [2011], based upon a [5] five step program; 

Step One: Training Security Forces, with a rapid transfer of responsibility to one of a Self Supporting Security.
Step Two: The Government in power must get its house in order, ending wide spread corruption, and Germany is willing to help to creation and establish a viable, functioning stable state government which need  not necessary be democratic or even western in style, within the regions by aiding to help rebuild the government infra-structure's, creating some acceptable rule of law both internally and internationally, which fit the norms of civilized society, able to create their own methods of maintaining the governance of their country

Step Three: The Peace Process must be an open process, one in which all parties are brought to the table, labels must be removed such as [Terrorist], which only serve too foster resentment, the peace table is made to allow the virtues of compassion and tolerance, leading to compromise leading too peace within a society and the reintegration of those who now are labeled as [Renegades, and Terrorist], but will once again be citizens of their societies individuals can not be held in prisons without trial for indeterminate periods its not in line with international law, or common sense    

Step Four:  A reconstruction, economic and social development process is vital, and in line with Step Six, of the [Self Supporting Security] approach.

Step Five: A process must be put into place allowing for Regional and International cooperation between [Sphere of Influence, Governments, and power structures] within the effected area.

[Self Supporting Security]

STEP ONE: Asymmetrical [21st] Century

The [UN] United Nations organization members having joint interests everywhere, with new asymmetrical threats having arisen in the [21st] and missions having developed that no one could have imagined within the past decade, the [UN] stands as a bulwark, providing stewardship in dealing with these new forms of state based and non-state based terrorism, preventing the acquisition of [WMD's] Weapons of Mass Destruction with missiles or other deliver systems, cyber warfare, the threat posed by pirates, the [UN] within its charter stands ready to provide assistance upon request of failed states or regions which pose a threat to the Community of Nations, and after having taken vote of its membership, would authorize any assistance required to protect human life and dignity. 

STEP TWO: A Unity Forum of Nations

The process of Self Supporting Security is seen by the Community of Nations as the only rational approach to the solution to failed states which have collapsed serving as incubators of terrorism. The true reality is it is not logical that an organization such as [UN] alone, or in concert with others too give expectations, or assurance's of viable government as either non-occupational or occupational forces, [receivership executors] artificially propping up a weak and unpopular government, beyond those held in place by force by occupational forces receivership executors, which won't mean a thing, unless that force is held in place. That it is a natural occurrence for Sphere's of Influence to develop and exist, where weaker groups either join together to form association, organizations state, or unions of mutual interests, but with the freedom of such individual members of the association, organizations, state, or union, [BRIC/ASEAN] too withdraw. The purpose of the [UN] is to act as Forum for Nations, to discuss their differences, based upon give and take to achieve a win/win between membership nations, creating a unity of understanding forum between nations, without nation states relinquishment of obligations to nations or organizations within there Spheres of Influence. The Structure of the [UN] is flexible enough to allow for coordination and liaison between it membership, to preclude the necessity the creation of a [UN] Czar, with official departments within the [UN] structure capable of handling any tasks mandated to them. 

STEP THREE:  Building Stable Societies

The [UN] mission is a means of providing an open hand of support upon request of the failed states or regional area [Spheres of Influence], association, organizations, state, or union, to provide those aids which the  failed states, regional [Spheres of Influence], association, organizations, state, or union, request for the building, creation of and/or establishment of a viable, functioning stable state governments [NOT NECESSARILY DEMOCRATIC OR EVEN WESTERN IN STYLE], by aiding to help rebuild the government infra-structure's, creating some acceptable rule of law both internally and internationally, which fit the norms of a stable civilized society, able to create their own methods of maintaining the governance of their society, thru the process of [Self Supporting Security]. The [UN] is not responsible for the establishment of a world Democratic System or governmental structure based upon any plan, but to work with existing failed structures, providing, advise, support and training at their request, providing an opportunity for requesting help and aid as needed.


The [UN] The United Nations, would mandate the creation of [UN/Blue Beret/ISAF] The structure of the [ISAF] would be a Defensive Security Assistance and Training Force with logistical and support funding provided under the International Law and Order Trust Fund of the [UN], paid for by a tax levied upon [UN] member nations. International Security Assistance Forces, the key word being Assistance, with authorization of Defensive nature [ONLY] authorized to use lethal force only in the defense of human life or self-defense, [NO] offensive actions would be authorized. Pre-emptive use of force, the intentional targeting of suspected belligerents, not posing a direct or immediate, threat or involvement in actions that threaten [Human Life], or suspected provability of a future but in the present non-existent threat in any area were warlike or hostile conditions exist of [UN/ISAF] operations is [Forbidden]. [ISAF] forces will [not] engage in combat actions of any nature that would put [HUMAN LIFE] at risk.

STEP FIVE: Exit Strategy

The [ISAF] having a pre-transitional exit strategy in providing requested assistance under [UN] Mandate within unstable regions or states, primary mission would be one of training combined military, paramilitary, and civilian police force too protect their own population, and thereby gaining the trust of the inhabitants of these failed states, allowing for with a gradual ending of assistance, district by district, province by province, under a combined assessment of [UN/ISAF] reviews, in consultation with the requesting authority, but within a pre-set and established time frame subject to change at the request of the requesting authority and review of the [UN/ISAF] for the complete, total and unequivocal, withdrawal upon the completion of that Self Supporting Security Training Mission, with [NO] troops of unlimited durational occupation [receivership executors] maintained within these regions, or nation states,  Peace thru non-aggressive, temporary military support and training.

STEP SIX: Post Mandate Functions

Upon the completion and withdrawal of [UN] support activities, any help or assistance needed in civilian projects such as providing, clean water, education, and health care, that their leadership and/governing structure are unable to furnish can have assistance supplied thru civilian agencies within the [UN] structure and mandate, but it is not the job of the [UN] to subsidize Internet, giant [TV] television screens and two cars for every individual, its function is one of equipping subsistence for the basic necessities to maintain health, and well being, keeping body and soul together, as those in need work at earning their own keep, within a stable environment.


Germany is [KEY] at the [COMFAB] meeting of Jan. 28th  To be held in London [UK] United Kingdom if Germany selects the based upon a [Self-Supporting Plan] a policy of State Supporting Non-Offensive Aid, the International balance is shifting the [EU] European Union and Brussels, based upon providing necessary aid and support, but based upon overview and deliberations, between concerned parties, creating a win/win for all involved, and not a our way or the highway, leading to continued international strife. 


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