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[Frau Europe]


Now, the [PM] Prime Minister of the German Republic, Chancellor Angela Merkel, Time magazine crowed [Frau Europe], has the choice of becoming a historic figure in the history of Germany, by acting as a Chancellor of an Independent and Sovereign German State, as the [PM] of Japan Prime Minster Yukio Hatoyama of the [LDP] Liberal Democratic Party from the [9th] District of Hokkaidō has made a historic step by his redefinition of Japans relations with the American-Israeli Empire, ending Japan's refueling missions within the Indian Ocean of their fleets, and will call for the ending of the [2006] agreement allowing the [47K] Forty-Seven Thousand, Foothold Troops of Asian Occupation, to remain on Japanese soil, demanding their total removal from Japan, and its occupation of the southern Japanese Island of Okinawa, with the closing of their Marine Corp Air Station Futenma, Germany should call for the ending of the German Occupation by [60K] Sixty-Thousand Empire Troops, ending its Foothold in Europe, and as Japan called for a closer relationship with China, so Germany should call for a new vision of Europe, in the [21st] Century, a post American-Israeli Empire Era. As Japan has called for the creation of a [16] Sixteen Nation currency trading bloc within the Asian Sphere of Chinese Influence, the [10] Ten, [ASEAN] Association of Southeast Asian Nations, countries, who already want a single currency by [2020] the generally accepted end of the American-Israeli Empire, member would include; Japan, China, Australia, South Korea, New Zealand and India. So Germany should as the biggest and most creditworthy economy in Europe set the stardard of the nations of the [EU] European nations.


[Germany Vassal or Sovereign State]


The Wheel of Fate and Fortune has turned, the question now is will Angela take her place in history, stepping out of just being another [PM] of the type represented by the Scottish [PM] such as Gordon Brown, of England, more of a Senator from the American-Israeli Empire to the American-Israeli Empire State of England and its Commonwealth sub-counties, with a state parliament that simply rubber stamps what is presented to them by the Empires representative Gordon Brown. The hour glass of time is running out and it is said so as the sands of time flow thru it, so are the days of our live, and time waits for no one. There have been meetings concerning Germanys status basically, is Germany a Vassal State or Sovereign State, the conflict is being played out in Berlin, in meetings called the Afghanistan Rounds, but should be called the Future of Germany Rounds, with the first meeting held on [Dec.11th,2009], with Impetus Meeting too be held running right up to the [Confab]  meeting to be held in The American-Israeli, State of England, the City of London, on [Jan. 28th,2010].


[Impetus Meetings]


German representative over the next [3] Three week will be involved in meeting with member states of the [EU] European Union, and [NATO] the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, [1st] Tuesday, 12th, Jan., in Abu Dhabi, a [2nd] meeting the scheduled the following week, and the [3rd] and most important what is called a Town Hall Meeting in Cologne, on Jan. 25th, just [3] Three days prior to the London meeting, in Cologne, Germany. The time has come for Germany to take charge of its own destiny, it is time to make a decision is Germany a Sovereign State of the [21st] Century or is it a Vassal State of the Empire. To quote The Economist magazine, At times like these people turn to Germany, the biggest and most creditworthy economy in Europe. That statement could not better reflect the general trend in Europe. Throughout (EU's) European Union's, short history, Germany's economic welfare has indicated the European economy as a whole fairly well. If Germany's indicators were up, then the Euro would move in the same direction and visa versa. The question German's need to ask is who is running the show in Germany, Germans or American-Israeli Empire puppets, and [Frau Europe] Angela Merkel to take a good look in a full length mirror and ask mirror, mirror on the wall am I the [PM] Prime Minister of the German Republic, Chancellor Angela Merkel, Time magazine crowed [Frau Europe], or just another puppet on a string. It is time for Germany to take its place in the [21st] Century, and as Canada has done announced its unequivocal withdrawal, being insistent and making it crystal clear that Germany intends to withdraw [ALL] German Combat Troops Contingents by [May 1st 2011]. There will be [NO] German involvement upon the Islamic Crescent / Arabian Peninsula, beyond civilian missions of humanitarian nature, and that of proving training and the tools for [Self Supporting Security Missions], any diplomatic activities will be handled thru the German Embassy, with only the normal security forces in the embassy, and embrace the [Self Supporting Security] Strategy in any future German military operations, within [NATO] 



[Self Supporting Security]


The process of Self Supporting Security is seen by the Community of Nations as the only rational approach to the solution to failed states which have collapsed serving as incubators of terrorism. The true reality is it is not logical that an organization such as [NATO] or even the American-Israeli Empire alone too give expectations, or assurance's of viable government as either non-occupational or occupational forces artificially propping up a weak and unpopular government, beyond those held in place by force by occupational forces, which won't mean a thing, unless that force is held in place. Rather the objectives for the mission's would be providing an open hand of support with the creation of and establishment of viable, functioning stable state governments not necessary democratic or even western in style, within regions by aiding to help rebuild the government infra-structure's, creating some acceptable rule of law both internally and internationally, which fit the norms of civilized society, able to create their own methods of maintaining the governance of their country, thru the process of Self Supporting Security a reasoned approach, built upon a pre-planned training and transitional exit strategy based upon, providing training to police, paramilitary, and military forces, supplying  the tools, and prerequisite instructions upon which too establish and gain the trust of the people of that failed government or region, with a gradual transfer of power, turning over control, district by district, province by province, but within a pre-set and established time frame for the complete, total and unequivocal, withdrawal upon the completion of that Self Supporting Security Training Mission, with [NO] troops of unlimited durational occupation maintained within these regions, or nation states, Peace thru non-aggressive, temporary military support and training.




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