Sunday, January 24, 2010


Aufwiedersenen alt freudn / Goodbye Old Friend


Now, awhile back their use to be a very good Christian [TV] Tele/Television Program, on Sunday mornings, even we non-deist take advantage of sound advise, no matter what the source, but that being said the program dealt with the fact that at some point in time all human being on the planet come to a Crossroads, sometimes offering only two directions sometime multiple Autobahn [A Super lane highway / Freeway], a choice of continuing down the same road and direction or changing directions, and the Old Germany/Europe are now fast within hours approaching that Crossroads, the argument for continuing down the same path will be made by Hal Holbrooke at the Cologne ramp on Monday, Jan. [25th] Twenty-fifth at a Town Hall Meeting in Cologne, just [3] Three days, [72hrs] Seventy-two hours, in advance of the International Afghanistan Conference of Wednesday, Jan. [28th] Twenty-eight to be held in the [UK] United Kingdom, Metropolis of London, at which point a decision will have to not only be made but acted upon.

[Uncoupling the Engines]

Now, using railroads there are times when you have to split the trains cars off either at the rail [head/yard] or at a junction, uncoupling one of possibly many engines, some continue down the main rail line as others inter-connect into other major lines in a new and different direction, Dwight David Eisenhower another of German Heritage wrote quote, I like to believe that people in the long run are going to do more to promote peace than our governments. Indeed, I think that people want peace so much that one of these days' governments had better get out of the way and let them have it, unquote. Another leader of German Heritage has arisen, Dr. Guido Westerwelle, the Federal Foreign Minister, of the Federal Republic of Germany, and much, as his predecessor is responding to the people of Germany, the French and German Alliance, and of the [EU] European Union, for the trains [2nd] Second Engineer to decouple the [2nd] Second Engine and step out of the role of being [2nd] Second Engineer on a runaway train to being the [1st] First Engineer of the Engine of a Powerful New Engine, and rail line. The passengers are simply not willing to just go along for the ride, and simply say yes to everything put forward by the Empire's [1st] First Engineer, with no control of the trains engine of state, the trains rail junction has been reached and its time to split off.  


Germany is [KEY] at the [COMFAB] meeting of [Jan 28th] Twenty-eight,                                      to be held in the [UK] Metropolis of London, if Germany selects upon a [Self-Supporting Plan], a [5] Five Step Plan, A Combo platter combination of both, or a completely New Plan or Strategy based upon but not excluding those mentioned plan, it will be one based on the best interests of Germany, the German & French Alliance, and the [EU] European Union, a Conan O'Brien moment, we have had a good ride, and now their of differences which can't be resolved to the benefit of either party, friends often part ways, but still remain friends, not as close, different difficult choices often have to be made, and its simply time friends to go their separate paths, I'm going to take the car and drive, No, I think I'll take the train a ride, it's got a club, and sleeper, but you have a good drive, and you have a good ride, So Long Old Friend, Aufwiedersenen alt freudn [Good Bye, old friend].


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