Friday, July 1, 2011

THE SHAME OF HILLARY DIANE RODHAM - CLINTON - Standing in the way of the Revolution!

THE SHAME OF HILLARY DIANE RODHAM - CLINTON – Standing in the way of the Revolution!  

[The Shame of Hillary D. R. Clinton] 

Clinton must be seen for what she represents, the Plutocracy of Hypocrisy, the Capitalist State, where the wealth is held in the hands of [1%] of the population, where elections are nothing but brought and paid for shams, paid for in large part by [AIPAC/AZC] the American Israel Political Action Committee/American Zionist Committee. Hillary D. R. Clinton, has no shame, supporting the [PURE JEWISH STATE] by not making it clear that citizens from the former [USA] United States of American were not to be endangered by or harmed during any peaceful demonstration by [THE PURE JEWISH STATE], but the [USA] no longer exists, but has been replaced by the American - Israeli Military Industrial Complex, with [BIBI] its head of State The Gift of God. The true Heroin will be the [87] year old Holocaust Survivor, aboard a ship in the Flotilla, not a woman who claimed at one time to have come under fire, when in fact Hillary had been given flowers not enemy fire.

[The Queen of Greed]

Open your eyes to the truth and you will be set free. See the shame of Hillary D. R. Clinton to quote Mark Levine, [Israel announcing the letting in of a few hundred million dollars in construction materials, so Secretary of State Clinton can faithfully echo your commitment as a justification for opposing the flotilla, while her assistants salute the "established and efficient" mechanisms for getting supplies into Gaza. Israel is safe in the knowledge that the American – Israeli Military Industrial Complex – the [EMPIRE] will threaten you with imprisonment (if you survive the journey) for "attempting to conspiring to deliver material support or other resources to or for the benefit of a designated foreign terrorist organization.], unquote.

The Arab Spring must not be the end, but just the beginning, it is time for the youth of the [EU] European Union to rise up, and break the chains of the past and their regional [SPHERES OF INFLUENCE] to the American - Israeli Military Industrial Complex - the [EMPIRE], which must be forever broken and ended, it is time to end the [1%] Wall St., uncontrolled capitalism of globalization, where the wealth flows only in one direction to the [1%], the rich men of the [EMPIRE] , who profit as [99%] suffer for their gain and greed. Hillary D. R. Clinton is the Queen of Greed, never look to either the Queen of Capitalist Greed, or the [EMPIRE], look to your own regional interests, look to your own regional [SPHERES OF INFLUENCE].

[21st Century Social Revolution]

We would hope that you would in fact choose the Communist Revolution, no one can hope to achieve the Pure Communist State dream of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, but to take their ideals and form a [SPHERES OF INFLUENCE] based upon their principles, of wealth distribution among the mass, of a fair and equitable society. But, if Communism is not your cup of tea, brew your tea to your own taste, be it a form of Pure or Pragmatic Communism based upon the Communist Manifesto, or other form of governmental structure, but we would urge the rejection of the [EMPIRE]. We urge the rejection of the Queen of Greed and the [1%], whatever type of regional [SPHERE OF INFLUENCE], you the youth of the World selects, but reject [EMPIRE] globalization. The Flotilla of Audacity of Hope, should inspire the peoples of the World, and be seen as just the first step in a [21st] Century Social Revolution of Regional Spheres of Influence


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