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 [From 97% to 124% debt by 2015]



The American –Israeli Military Industrial Complex – the [EMPIRE] debt is estimated by some to be running at about [97%] begging, the larger question will the plan pass muster beyond just coming up with a typically big number saying what it's projected to save. The [EMPIRE] is only [3%] short of being [100%] in debt at [97 %] if you divide the [$12.4-Trillion-USD$] debt by its [GDP] Gross Domestic Product of [$12.7-Trillion-USD$]. And it is certain that a deal to raise the debt ceiling will happen and a meaningful deficit reduction plan of around [$4-Trillion-USD$ trillion], will not happen, and will bring the [EMPIRE] debt too [124%] by [2015].



[EMPIRE banana republic Status]



And the answer seems to be NO! The [EMPIRE] will not pass muster, lacking the all important deficit reduction plan part, the solution to the problem, tax's can be expected to increase but cuts in spending will only be empty promises, and both the short term and long term credit ratings of the [EMPIRE] will be lowered, by all credit ratings agencies globally. The [EMPIRE] has entered the Banana Republic Status, a sovereign nation unable to meet its debts, spending more than it takes in taxation, unwilling to Cut, Cap, and Balance its public finances.



[Platinum Ratings to banana republic Credit Ratings!]  



The independent [PDRC] Peoples Democratic Republic of China which has its own State Run and Funded Rating Agency Dagong Global Ratings Co., Ltd., and which had  previously down graded the [EMPIRE] ratings from an [AA] rating to [A+] on [November 9th, 2010] in response to the [2nd] round of the [QE-2$USD$] Quantitative Easing Two has now once again placed the [EMPIRE] on a negative watch list as once again the [EMPIRE] raises the specter of a [QE-3$USD$] financial action, and then there is the soon too be established new German independent [EU] funded Ratings Agency, will too look to the interests of the [EU] and not those of the [EMPIRE], and now the [EMPIRE] opinion-oligopoly, [THE BIG THREE] which is to say, they the few, controlled and held in their hands, as it were the fait of the many, the ratings agencies [S&P 500] Stands & Poor, Moody's and now even Fitch will by mid-August review the [EMPIRE] credit ratings with an eye to its lowering, all located in the [EMPIRE], no one may laud the [EMPIRE] debt reduction plan, which normally would be expect to happen with all, once again closing their eye's, to the long term kick the can down the road policy but are now taking the position of, Fool Me Once, Shame on Me, Fool Me Twice, Shame On You! Downgrading the [EMPIRE] Platinum Ratings to banana republic Credit Ratings, with or without the [EMPIRE] defaulting, of itself but will be put into a default status, for not cutting the mustered.




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