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[EMPIRE-Cob Job Plan]



It is not a matter as to if the American – Israeli Military Industrial Complex – the [EMPIRE], will default, as much as can it cob, some sort of Economic Plan that will not drag down the rest of the Geo-Economic Global Economy, as the [EMPIRE] will agree on some sort of plan, will  – the [EMPIRE] opinion-oligopoly, [THE BIG THREE] which is to say, they the few, controlled and held in their hands, as it were the fait of the many, the ratings agencies [S&P 500] Stands & Poor, Moody's and Fitch which up to the present, all located in the [EMPIRE] laud it which you can expect to happen once again closing their eye's, to the long term kick the can down the road policy,  the [BIG-3] cannot be expected to stick their collective necks out against those that can and will rain terror down upon them, no, they will support the boss's.



[Passing Muster]



The Larger question is will the plan pass muster with the independent [PDRC] Peoples Democratic Republic of China which has its own State Run and Funded Rating Agency Dagong Global Ratings Co., Ltd., and has previously down graded the [EMPIRE] ratings from an [AA] rating to [A+] on [November 9th, 2010] in response to the [2nd] round of the [QE-2$USD$] Quantitative Easing Two Dollar Devaluation Inflationary back door Tariff raising the  cost of imports to the [EMPIRE] at the same time lowering the cost of products to be sold outside the [EMPIRE  action, has now once again place the [EMPIRE] on a negative watch list as once again the [EMPIRE] raises the specter of a [QE-3$USD$] financial action, and then there is the soon too be established new German independent [EU] funded Ratings Agency, look to the interests of the [EU] and not those of the [EMPIRE] or would they continue to work hand and glove with the [BIG-3], Fool Me Once, Shame on Me, Fool Me Twice, Shame On You!



[Cut, Cap, and Balance--VS--Spend, Tax, and Bankruptcy]



The Stool rests upon [3] Three Legs, and if one is not there your left with only two legs to support your backside. The fact is clear that the [EMPIRE] must Cut, Cap, and Balance. The days of that can't be cut that can't be capped, and that can't be balanced, are long over, now its time to stop, the uncontrolled spending, and direct and indirect taxation which is leading an entire [21st] Century into Bankruptcy.






The Military-Industrial Complex, overseas bases must be closed, all the plans for such items as Okinawa have to be scraped, and the concept of the containment of those nations within its Blue & Gold Nuclear Choke Chain Necklace running from the Black Sea Eastward to the Arctic Pacific Ended, its must mothball a major part of its fleets, both Carrier Task Groups and Trident Submarines, the entire size of the Military-Industrial Complex must be trimmed to the bone, the Wars of Economic Stimulus and Regime, under the cover of Wars on Terrorism must end. Cuts in Medicare and Medicate begin at the [1%] Rich of the Globe in the [EMPIRE] which must be to take care of themselves they can and should be required to pay for their own retirements, and healthcare without public assistance. Those earning [$30K$USD's$] Thirty Thousand [$USD's] must be exempt from tax.






There has to be a cap at some point established were automatic tax's increases begin not only on individuals but on corporations, the guy at the top has to be held to a certain [%Percentage%] above which he can not earn more than the guy at the bottom, in any form, cash or stock options, the guy at the bottom has a plastic show curtain from Wally World and the guy at the top has a [$5K$] Five Thousand Dollar shower curtain, made by some other rich guy. There has to be an automatic trip wire that stops the spending of any government entity that can not be supported by tax's taken in, and not by expecting [QE's] Quantitative Easing, start up the printing press, when Uncle Sam Money Bags is willing to Print [QE$UDS], what's to lose, mentality.






There has to be a new way of thinking, there has to be a balance stuck between the [1%] and the rest of the [99%] in the [EMPIRE], and then with the rest of the Geo-Economic developing Spheres of Parity, there has to be a balance struck between the Military Industrial Complex, between the needs for national defense only scrapping Imperialism for the pursuit of a Competitive Peace Time Geo-Economic [EMPIRE] Industrial Complex.



[The Road to Economic Disaster – Spend, Tax, and Bankruptcy]



[Spend -QE's] simply printing more [$USD's$] and treasury certificates, devaluing the [$USD$]  while it creates a backdoor tariff trying to protect the [EMPIRE] from competition it cannot defeat, [Tax] the population from top to well below the [1%] and leaving the [1%] untouched taking money need just to survive from the population, and [Bankruptcy], as their will be no Jobs, leading to higher unemployment less of a tax base and more of a dependent society without a social safety net.



[The Geo-Economic Spheres of Parity Solution]



The solution is in progress in the Communist Spheres of Economic Parity, Regional Spheres of Influence which are using combined economic regional [SDR's] Special Drawing Rights, of Association Memberships, removing themselves from the [$USD$] Geo – Economic World Based Economy, and any connections to the World Bank, [IMF] and Wall St., with caps and controls upon their Regional Spheres of Economic Parity, placing high priorities upon their regional Infrastructures [Roads, Bridges, Water Reclamation Projects, Railway, Transportation, etc.] , Healthcare for their citizens, Care for their Youth and Elderly, and Education for their citizenry. Uncontrolled Capitalism has proven to be the Roadway to World Global Economic Disaster, as it sinks it sucks everything down into its vortex along with it. This along with the creation of Regional Ratings Agencies ending the [Big-3 EMPIRE] choke hold, of one sided economic opinion, and creating new [21st] Century solutions in a new economic world, breaking all ties to the [EMPIRE] and its [$USD$] based Geo-Economic Structure in favor of Spheres of Economic Parity.




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