Tuesday, July 12, 2011

CAUSE AND EFFECT! - Of Empire increasing the debt ceiling

CAUSE AND EFFECT! – Of Empire increasing the debt ceiling



[OZYISM ASKS]: -- will the [EMPIRE] regime increase the debt ceiling?



[HTS REPLYS]: Yes the American - Israeli Military Industrial Complex - the [EMPIRE] will in fact raise the debt ceiling as it has at least [70] times in the past that is a given.



[OZYISM ASKS]: -- Will the increase of debt ceiling help the [EMPIRE] avoid a catastrophe?



[HTS REPLYS]: No! the raising of the debt ceiling will not avoid an economic world wide catastrophe, in fact it will only bring it on must faster, there is no possible way that the debt can ever be repaid, and saying that everything is going to be better in the future by looking into some  crystal ball is not reality.



[OZYISM ASKS]: -- Will the increase of debt ceiling come with tax rises and spending cuts? If not, how will that work out?



[HTS REPLYS]: It will in fact come with a tax increase but it may be more of an INFLATIONARY TAX increase, the value to its currency will decline on the international level making the cost of Wally World items increase along with the cost of Oil and other necessary resources for production, Rare Earth from China, Lithium from Afghanistan, Food and all costs across the economic spectrum. 


[OZYISM ASKS]: - Will US go on default?



[HTS REPLYS]: The Empire crossed the default line a long way back, the reality of that default has not sunk in. 



[OZYISM ASKS]:-- Where will the cuts come from? More teachers lay offs? Or maybe cut aid to pregnant women and children.



[HTS REPLYS]: The better question is where the cuts, not come from, will everywhere except from the [1%] Empire wealthy, and the Military Industrial Complex the war machine.


[OZYISM ASKS]: -- Will they cut funds from the military?



[HTS REPLYS]: No! the Nuclear Choke Chain Blue and Gold Necklace running from the Black Sea, around the under belly of the [ME] Middle East, to the Far East and then to the Pacific Arctic Region must be maintained, and used against those nations that have the oil and resources the [Empire] must have to continue to exist.  



[OZYISM ASKS]: -- Will they increase the taxes? How will that affect anything and everything?



[HTS REPLYS]: Again Inflation will be the tax, with causes sales tax's to rise, and city, county, state, federal, rents, which are all taxes of one form or another will rise while unemployment will also rise, this is cause and effect with one effecting each other.




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