Tuesday, July 5, 2011



[LadySmity008 SAYS]: You're so blinded by jealousy. Communism does NOT work.

[HTS REPLYS]: No, we are not in fact jealous, and Communism has been, and is in fact working in many countries around the globe, Communism has done what Democracy has done taken many shapes as defined by those that select the Communist Form of Government, and it is not your cup of tea, well so be it we have stated any form or government is better than the One World Government of the American - Israeli Military Industrial Complex - the [EMPIRE], it is our position that it is worth taking a new look at.

[LadySmity008 Says]: Putin recently warned Obama he is going down the wrong path, leading America into a communist state.

[HTS REPLYS]: Putin is not the only person on the face of the planet to be warning the Emperor, and we disagree with Conrad [KGB] Putin, in fact this is about the One World Government of the [1%] Elite of the Plutocracy of Hypocrisy, and it's [Pure Jewish Apartheid State] Controllers.

[LadySmity008 Says]: It only causes EVERYONE to be poor. (Except the rulers who live lavishly on the taxes of the countryman's taxes). 

[HTS SAYS]: Have you looked around in your own house and seen what is really going on, entire families are committing murder suicide, and that is not a sign that your own house is not in order, and the rulers, the [1%] continue to live how lavishly [5K] Five Thousand [$USD$] Shower curtains, a government leader with [50K] Fifty Thousand in his freezer, your schools in decline, your infrastructure falling apart, while the [1%] keep off shore accounts with untold amounts of money in them, and taxes what percent of your money is going to taxes, taxes at the store, taxes at the city, county, state, and government level, and now they want to place a tax upon sales made online but can't come to some type of method that works to the greed level of those wanting that money. Before you put down Communism you better look at your own affairs, and sit down and figure what percent you're really paying in taxes.

[LadySmity008 Says] The rich supply jobs and opportunity to the poor. If it weren't for people with wealth, I wouldn't have the means to feed myself and my family.

[HTS REPLYS]: The rich with the aide of Clinton [Bubba], shipped all the better paying jobs right out the [EMPIRE], to not only Mexico, but China, India, Japan, and Vietnam, what type of automobile do you drive a [BMW], Honda, etc, foreign made, while your tax dollar was spend on bail outs to auto firms that made poor quality automobiles forcing the purchase of better produced and in the long run cheaper foreign made products,  your light bulbs are made in Brazil, were [GE] General Electric set up shop, were do you shop at Wally World products from a Communist Country well made and cheap, do you eat rice, it comes mainly from Vietnam yet another Communist Country. Mexico has [4] Communist Providences along your boarders. Communism is about keeping jobs in country but with a fair trade arrangement with others, and the wealth turned back to all the people and not into off shore accounts. The [1%] are getting fatter and fatter as your wages remain flat, and with inflation added in are in decline, while the cost of your medical insurance is shifted to you to pay, while your children go to subpar schools with one in four coming out to no employments.

LadySmity008Says] are you employed by a poor person?  

[HTS REPLYS]: No, are you employed by a blood sucking Capitalist, who doesn't provide a living wage, but for many slave wages,  who expects [24/7] work, were your job is your life. Communism is not your cup of tea, and we accept that, but for others the choice between the [1%] and Communism is equality over Capitalist Slavery. We respect Conrad Putin, but he came out of the Old Communism, there is now a New Communism, the Communist Manifesto was written in [1848], this is [2011], and the one thing that is always constant is change, there is a New Communism, one that has surpassed the [1776] Declaration of Independence, the New Communism speaks to a [21st] Century Peoples, the [EMPIRE] speaks only to the [1%] Masters of the New World Order.   


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