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[Who are the Credit-Ratings Agencies ]


The [EMPIRE/SEC]  American – Israeli Military Industrial Complex, Securities and Exchange Commission has [10] Ten, [NRSRO] Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organizations, on its approved list, making up the [EMPIRE] opinion-oligopoly, , which is to say, they the few, controlled and held in their hands, as it were the fait of the many, including [1] Canadian agency and [2] Japanese, and the [BIG THREE] - Standard & Poor's, Moody's and Fitch the Credit Ratings Industry standard-bearers, but other [Spheres of Geo-Economic Influence] have ratings agencies independent from those of the [NRSRO]. The independent [PDRC] Peoples Democratic Republic of China which has its own State Run and Funded Rating Agency Dagong Global Ratings Co., Ltd., and which had  previously down graded the [EMPIRE] ratings from an [AA] rating to [A+] on [November 9th, 2010] in response to the [2nd] round of the [QE-2$USD$] Quantitative Easing Two has now once again placed the [EMPIRE] on a negative watch list as once again the [EMPIRE] raises the specter of a [QE-3$USD$] financial action, and then there is the soon too be established new German independent [EU] funded Ratings Agency, will also look to the interests of the [EU] and not those of the [EMPIRE], and which are now forcing the [EMPIRE] opinion-oligopoly the ratings agencies [S&P 500] Stands & Poor, Moody's and now even Fitch will by mid-August review the [EMPIRE] credit ratings with an eye to its lowering, following it's member [BIG THREE] all located in the [EMPIRE], and all are not lauding the [EMPIRE] debt reduction plan, which normally would be expect to happen with all, once again closing their eye's, to the long term kick the can down the road policy but are now taking the position of, Fool Me Once, Shame on Me, Fool Me Twice, Shame On You! Basically raise the debt ceiling promise to reduce Debt to [GDP] Gross Domestic Product Ratio and then do nothing.


[Empire Downgrade to Banana Republic]


The Credit Ratings Industries Globally will downgrading the [EMPIRE] Platinum Ratings to banana republic Credit Ratings, based upon economic, regulatory and geopolitical influences, management and corporate governance attributes, and competitive position, and will downgrade the [EMPIRE], in accordance with indicators of ability to repay debt with or without the [EMPIRE] defaulting, of itself but and will put the [EMPIRE] into a default status, for not cutting thru the fat and to the bone. If the big credit-ratings agencies don't see what they want done by the [EMPIRE], what ever deal is struck by the [EMPIRE] will make no difference, and if not resolved within the next few days will have a highly detrimental effect upon the entire global economy. It's no longer a matter of if the [EMPIRE] will default, by failing to raise its debt ceiling, but it's a matter of how long it will remain in default until a debt ceiling is reached, at which time the rating agencies will downgrade the [EMPIRE] ratings to [SD] Selective Default, when the [EMPIRE] Treasury misses interests and principle payments an it would main in [SD] until [ALL] payments are made in full.


[What the Credit-Ratings Agencies Want]


( A ): [Cut, Cap and Balanced] the Social Safety Net! Simon and Garfunkel once wrote,  [Quote, Where have you gone, Dwight David Eisenhower?, Unquote]. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, a Republican President, in [1954] wrote in a letter to his brother Edgar, [Quote, should any political party attempt to abolish Social Security, unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history. Going on to say that those who would repeal these items were negligible and stupid. Unquote]. But, once again the Rating Agencies disagree, and see the Social Safety Net as do many business people, as a free lunch, with need of a roll back on Medical, Medicaid, and Social Security to be restrained slowed, and then cut, with a means test, if a person does not need government agency support, that support must be denied, either way the social upper economic strata, would not be hurt.


 ( B ):  A major overhaul of the [EMPIRE] budget and the budgetary process, including but not limited to a  constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget by the [EMPIRE]. The [EMPIRE] debt market -- the deepest and most liquid in the world, remains the main investment destination for foreign currency reserves in the short term, but has failed to create a solid foundation for global investors, by implementation of market controls to  prevent the entire market from, stock plunge, due to even the specter of a default of the government, and the creation of, widening bond spreads, with yields increases, the system should be flexible but not break, creating full-scale panic thru the entire geo-economic system, at present the [EMPIRE] preeminence and leadership is in decline, losing respect and power to move allies or adversaries, due to its failure of fiscal responsibility to ensure the integrity of the base currency the [$USD$]. This point has been brought to clear light as even [OPEC] Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries based upon the [$USD$] are now looking to price oil in other than the [$USD$], no longer able to control the price of oil by flooding the markets, using the base currency as payment. As the manger of failure of the worlds base currency, it has reached the point were it has become necessary that a steady diversification towards other than [$USD$] assets, is the only choice of global investors, as in the near term the [EMPIRE] will continue to pursues a loose monetary policy and will issue more debt and another round of [QE/$USD'S] Quantitative Easing, but in the long term the decline of the [$USD$] and its end as the world's base currency is inevitable.   


( C ):  The lowering of borrowing costs for the [EMPIRE 51 State Governments].


( D ): The lowering of borrowing costs, and tax's for businesses, homeowners and consumers across the board, but require banks to raise interest rates and reserve requirement ratios, as economic circumstances, demand.


( E ): Reagan taught the [EMPIRE]  that deficits don't matter, but the ratings agencies disagree, and say they in fact do and that the [EMPIRE] must lower its Debt! With deep long-term budget cuts, a [$$$$$[$4 TRILLION$USD$]$$$$] deficit reduction plan over the next [10] years, and end the folly of continuing to borrow [40%] of daily operating expenses. The [EMPIRE] is afforded more leeway, by convention, to pay lower international interest rates via., the confidence in their ability to support international debt, but once that debt exceeds [100%] the interest rate on the debt equals the nominal growth rate, and at that point growth becomes untenable, and stops. This determined by Debt divided by [GDP] Gross Domestic Product, which stands, at present, at [97%], and is expect to reach [124%] by [2015] must be reduced to no more than [60%]. The [EMPIRE] abandoned this debt to [GDP] ration and now has put the entire global economy in peril.


( F ) [EMPIRE] spending, financed by debt, borrowing from the [PDRC] Peoples Democratic Republic of China,  to tide the [EMPIRE] over a period of investment deficiency, should have only been a temporary stop gap measure, and never allowed to become a  permanent feature of the [EMPIRE]  geo-economics and therefore the Global Economic landscape, due to one inescapable fact, which is immeasurable and can not be countered – uncertainty, and also must be slowed, and brought to a lower limit. 



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