Wednesday, June 29, 2011

FLOTILLA TO EMPIRE ISOLATION - [21st] Century Civil Rights Flotilla

FLOTILLA TO EMPIRE ISOLATION – [21st] Century Civil Rights Flotilla



[Overt Military Force]



The Gaza Flotilla is the first step in the road to the Isolation of the American - Israeli Military Industrial Complex - the [EMPIRE], it can be expected that once again the [PURE JEWISH STATE] will act outside of International Norms, seeking to place its claims to the entire of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, by an overt show of military force, similar to the one that was seen as illegal by the government of Libya sometime back, just showing yet another Hypocritical stance by the [EMPIRE].



[The First Step to September]



But, be that as it may, this is a first step, and Mao said that the road to the completion of the Six Thousand Mile journey begins with the first step, and so it now begins, the first step in the long march to give a people their rights back that were taken from them, to the establishment of a Palestrina State, will the [PURE JEWISH STATE] once again shed the blood of peace loving peoples, and the answer is YES! And, will the American Plutocracy of Hypocrisy once again defend its Tip of the Spear, into the Islamic World, without even blinking an eye, with glowing reports throughout its controlled media, and praise for its master [BIBI] The Gift from God.



[Flotilla to Empire Isolation]



This is the first step towards September, and the [UN] United Nations General Assembly Vote, and by its own actions [THE PURE JEWISH STATE] will have sealed the deal, it is said that it is working day and night behind the scenes to secure votes against the Palestinian State Hood Vote, but by its own actions will have shown that time has come for a change, the International Community can not allow any nation to have control of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, or the subjugation of a peoples. So bring it on [PURE JEWISH STATE] the more blood and overt naked handed military force the better for the turn of events that will follow in September, created by the Flotilla to [EMPIRE] isolation.




FLOTILLA TO EMPIRE ISOLATION – [21st] Century Civil Rights Flotilla



 [21st] CENTURY CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT - The Civil Rights Flotilla, Free At Last! Free At Last! Thank-God Almighty! Free At Last!




JEREMY SAYS:  ... the more blood the better???? This triathlon, describes the mentality behind the flotilla so eloquently.  These people don't wish to actually help the Gazans, they wish to provoke a violent conflict.



[HTM REPLYS]: This is one of those moments in History when an act of courage on the part of those in The Civil Rights Flotilla will be met with the same acts of brutal repression, that have been the stock and trade of the [PURE JEWISH STATE], the Theocratic Zionist State. This will define them, for what not only what they represent, but the entire American - Israeli Military Industrial Complex - [THE EMPIRE] represents, repression of the Rights of Others thru naked oppression. It will show the world that Apartheid is alive and well in the Open Air Concentration Camp of Gaza. Those who will come in a non-violent demonstration against the continued abuse of fellow human being are creating a moment in history. The nation of Turkey has shown itself to be less than a bulwark and more of the cowardly lion state, giving one reason after another as to why its vessel is not among the Armada of the Brave. Yes! There well be blood of the Valiant upon the hands of the tyrants, but know this once again The Whole World Is Watching, and just maybe a song will come to mind, a speech given by the son of a slave will be heard, Free At Last! Free At Last! Thank-God Almighty! Free At Last!




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