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WORLD WAR THREE - Afghanistan - Pakistan Worse Case Scenario

WORLD WAR THREE – AfghanistanPakistan Worse Case Scenario





What are the real objectives of the American – Israeli Military Industrial Complex the – [EMPIRE]? It's about Oil, Resources, and having yet another Pearl in its Nuclear Choke Chain Necklace running from the Black Sea and the Naval Facilities of the Russian Federation, around the Arabian Peninsula, around the entire of the [PDRC] Peoples Democratic Republic of China, to the Northern Arctic Polar Region and once again the naval facilities of The Russian Federation. This is about the [CAAP] Central Asian Aramco Pipeline, a consortium of oil companies, the very same companies that control Saudi Oil, to be built at a cost of over   a [$2B/1.3B] Two-Billion-Dollars/One-Point-Three Billion-Euros, running thru the Russian Federation Central Asia, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India, with the Taliban given a generous cut of the profits from the oil and gas to be pumped thus the [CAAP], the Taliban will be allowed to place an emir into political power under Sharia Law, in return for their cut and [CAAP] safety. The billions in mineral resources and in particular Lithium a virtual virgin area of untapped mineral wealth waiting to be tapped, and last but not least the control of the world Opium Triangle and its route to the ports of France.


[ [PDRC]  Pearl]



The [PDRC] Peoples Democratic Republic of China is involved in countering the [EMPIRE] Pearl Choke Chain Necklace and its interests also lay in the Afghanistan – Pakistan region and in particular the Pakistan Port City of Gwadar, which the [PDRC] reached an agreement to take over the operation, and modernization from the existing contract held previously by a Singaporean government company, while at the same time presenting the Pakistani government with the gift of [50] fifty, [JF-17], fighter jets, to show the appreciation of the [PDRC]. The [PDRC] also deployed units of the [PLA] Peoples Liberation Army to maintain security in the Pakistani – held Kashmir City as it transforms Gwadar into an energy trans-shipment terminal to transport Gulf and African oil to western China by pipeline, while providing military hardware too the Pakistani Government in putting down the insurrection against the central government in the mineral-rich province of Baluchistan all of which will have a market in the [PDRC]. While at the same time projecting its regional might in the Middle East, East Africa, India, its Pearl a naval anchorage in the Indian Ocean region, for its increasing  sophisticated nuclear submarine fleet, modern ballistic missiles, Carrier Killer missile system, and [GPS] Ground Positioning Satellite – blocking technology, bring to an end the present [EMPIRE] regional hegemony in the South China Sea, and Indian Ocean, and break the Blue and Gold Trident Submarine Chain, at the same time ending any hopes of [EMPIRE] companies ability to drill in the region, forcing the [EMPIRE]  too purchase the regions resources at market prices.



[Worse Case Scenario]



The [PDRC] according to and often cited [PLA] memorandum of the General Logistics Department director quote, "We can no longer accept the Indian Ocean as only an ocean of the Indians. We are taking armed conflicts in the region into account." Unquote, while at the same time the [EMPIRE] is planning an offensive in the same area in which the [PLA] is creating its own Pearl of Power, the Northern Area of Pakistan. The worse case Scenario is already happening the rubbing of two Pearls of Power in a limited space, for control of larger regional interests. And as everyone is aware when you start rubbing two items together things begin to heat up, this has become the Afghanistan – Pakistan Worse Case Scenario.




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    [First Born Son of the American-Israeli Empire]

    Now, we have a question for you [TRIATHLON], who but the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex [EMPIRE] maintans order in the world? Do not the [BRICS]s benefit from [EMPIRE] naval protection of their trade routes and international norms created by the [EMPIRE]? Do not all Nations in Asia, especially in the [SCS] South China Sea benefit from the [EMPIRE] as a stabilizing force? We think the [ROK] Republic of Korea and Japan have especially benefited from [EMPIRE] protection from the [DPRK] the People's Democratic Republic of Korea and their Madman Insane Leader Kim Jong Il, since the end of [WWII] World War II. Be careful what you wish for, you would not want to live in a world without the [EMPIRE].



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