Sunday, March 27, 2011


[IOU'S] AND STOLEN LIBYAN MONEY! How the war is funded!


[IOU'S for boots on the ground]


The American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex, the [EMPIRE] along with the [UK] United Kingdom, and France are raiding Libyan's cookie jar to paid for its [R2P] Right to Plunder, the middle east. Gaddafi [$30B/USD's] stuffed away in the [EMPIRE] that was the money of the Libyan People, well guess what that is now [30] weeks of No Fly Zone time paid for at the cost of the Libyan People, who are now paying for the destruction of the infrastructure of their own country, and the closed door [IOU] meeting held in France, between quote Libyan Rebels unquote was about the purchase on credit of military assistance [BOOTS ON THE GROUND] that means Special Forces, Special Air Services, and Central Intelligence, its the standard playbook plan, which MISSSION CREEPS into combined operations, and then into more support is needed with forces of the [EMPIRE] need to provide that added little punch, this is all classic textbook Pentagon by the numbers operations. The money had to come from some where, the [EMPIRE /QE's] have run their course. There is no Mission Creep; it is Mission Accomplished, a foot in the door, while laying ground work for its attack on the PRIZE IRAN.


[Empire Consistency]


 There is and always has been Consistency by the [EMPIRE], and that consistency is one that is created by [OIL], [R2P] the Right to Petroleum from the oil off the coast of Vietnam, the oil in the South China Sea the Nansha, Paracel, and Spratly Islands, the Lomonosov Ridge in the Arctic, "Nigeria" and "Gazprom", pronounced "nye-gaz, and the big prize, The Caspian Sea Basin: [IRAN], to supply the Nabucco Pipeline with it's estimated at (7.25 Trn.Cu.Mts.) Seven-two-five trillion cubic meters, yet to be developed underneath the Caspian Sea, along with (1/5th) One-fifth, (20%) Twenty-Percent of the remaining global oil reserves. Start small and think big, if you can use [R2P] in one Islamic Country, and get away with it why not The Prize [IRAN]. The [EMPIRE] is very consistent in its moves to lay a Nuclear Necklace running from [FOOTHOLD GERMANY] to [FOOTHOLD OKINAWA] to contain what it can not hope to militarily defeat, three of the four [BRIC] members who hold [OIL] assets, The Russian Federation, India and The Peoples Republic of China, while at the same time using [NATO] the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in the African Theater of Operations.


[R2P] RIGHT TO PROTECT – Or, Right to Palestine?


Now, we have posted this before, and it still holds true, let's take another view of selective application, the [BRIC] Brazil, The Russian Federation, India, and The Peoples Republic of China, along with the German Republic abstained on the vote for the application of [R2P], against an Islamic Nation along with South Africa democracies of the [IBSA] India, Brazil and South Africa, have all voiced concerns and outright objections. Now, lets turn the table, and the [PA] Palestine Authority declares itself an independent nation, which is recognized by the [UN] United Nations, and even if it does not, and Israel takes offensive action against Hamas in  what it considers its territory, in retaliation for attacks against the State Government of Israel with another Operation Lead Hand II, attacks Hammas which is the [PA], what will be the vote of the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex, the [EMPIRE] under [R2P], the United Nations sees [R2P] as the Right to Protect but will the [EMPIRE] see it as Israelis [R2P] Right to Palestine, and not abstain but veto, intervention. The tail of the [EMPIRE] Israel will wag the Devil Dog America, thru [AIPAC/AZC] American Israeli Political Action Committee / American Zionist Committee, who would in turn wag Congress, and the wagging would continue into the [UN] United Nations, and the out come is clear that [R2P] turns into an Israeli Right to Palestine! Now, the only response will be that of Al Qaeda zeroing on France, it is the only logical target of choice.



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