Wednesday, March 2, 2011


DAY OF RAGE, MARCH 11TH, REVOLUTION OF LONGING: – Nine day's and counting


On July, 11th, 2008 the price of oil had set a new ceiling price of over [€106.33/$147USD's], how highs the crude oil prices risen, mama? Up again trading around [€85.14 Euros/ 118USD's] per barrel, those in the know are saying that any rise in price above [€86.59Euros/$120USD's] would begin a decline in economic growth world wide and guess what its expected to be over [€93.80Euros/$130USD's] in less than a month.


This is up about [€60.61Euros/$84USD's] from the low of [€24.59/$34USD's] per barrel set at the low point in the recent global economic downturn.


And in just a little over one week increased by over [13%] in price per barrel, and a [7.215500 EUR/$10USD], translates into about [0.18Euro/0.25USD's] quarter of a buck at the pump.


The cost of oil being now being driven not so much by the Revolution in Libya, but by the soon to boil over pot of Bahrain which produces [48K] barrels of crude a day and Saudi Arabia, which will on March 11th, citizens will unite an explode into anti-government protests, The Revolution of Longing, Day of Rage. To overthrow both the puppet client states governments to the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex [THE EMPIRE], of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, the call for Revolution has been posted on Facebook, the question will be, is [THE EMPIRE] willing to risk it all and invade these countries, against all the warning of the Global Community to keeps boots off the ground, and in fact let things play out without interference.




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