Wednesday, March 9, 2011


DAY'S OF RAGE, MARCH 11TH, REVOLUTION OF LONGING, IN THE WINTER OF ARAB DISCONTENT: – United States of America [1945] security alliance versus The American – Israeli Military Industrial Complex / The Empire [Special Relationship].

[1945 versus May 11th, 1949]


Now let's be straight forward about the change that took place between what had been the [USA] United States of America and what is now The American-Israel Military Industrial Complex, The Empire, and that transformation has ended any claim what so ever that the House of Saud are the protectors and guardians of the two most holy sites and mosques of Mecca and Median, sacred to [1/5th] of the Global population. Between the years of [1945] and [May 11th, 1949] the founding date of the State of Israel the last years of the [USA], the House of Saud had been under an alliance entered into by [FDR] Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in which the [USA] would guarantee, in exchange for oil and influence in the Islamic World, the protection of the [USA] of the House of Saud their guardianship of Mecca and Medina. But, on [May 11th, 1949], with the founding of Israel, the [USA] came to its end, replaced by the [Special Relationship Agreements] of American-Israel Military Industrial Complex, The Empire, ending that understand and agreement, signed by [FDR].


[No absolutisms]


Nothing lasts forever, there are no absolutisms, there are certain truisms,  [This Too Shall End], which in turn means that Change is a constant and never ending occurrence, and to survive the Winds of Change, it is necessary to adapt, and create anew. The House of Saud adapted by becoming puppets to The Empire, which means they had bent to the will of the [SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP], and that is under the bidding of the State of Israel, which is the Tail that Wags the Devil Pit Bull Dog of America, thru the [SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP]. The fact of the matter is if a conflict were to break out between Saudi Arabia or other Islamic nation with the State of Israel, the [Special Relationship] is the only agreement to which the American – Israeli Military Industrial Complex is bound and tied. Would The Empire protect and defend the House of Saud, Mecca and Median, or the interests of the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex, The Empire, and that answer would seem to be clear, with no [Sphere of Islamic Parity] having been formed to protect and defend its own interests, all the nations of Islam will remain at the mercy of The Empire.  


[Self determination or continued servitude]


The House of Saud has proven itself to be unfit as the protector of the interest of not only the two most holy sites of Islam but of the role of leadership that is necessary in the [21st] Century, there is no absolutism, it is time for a new beginning, it is time for the people of Cradle of Civilization, the regions were it all began to take there place, founding their own [Islamic Parity Sphere of Influence], built on a [WMD] Weapons of Mass Destruction, Nuclear Parity structure, built upon an association of block of nations, with a common heritage, language both spoken and written, Islam shares a common religion but like others with differences of opinion concerning their belief structures but based upon a common central core, it is time for an [Islamic Parity of Influence] to join with the [BRICS] Brazil, The Russian Federation, India, The Peoples Democratic Republic of China and The Union of South Africa, and throw off The Empire yoke of servitude, it is time too stand as equals among equals. As [FDR] once said; we have nothing to fear but fear it self. The choice is yours and yours alone, self determination or being told open the oil values to your oil resources, now, an Saudi oil minister Ali Al-Naimi said"Saudi Arabia will continue to reliably meet the world's petroleum needs," and at a cost dictated by its master The American-Israel Military Industrial Complex, The Empire.  


HERCULE TRIATHLON SAVINIEN                                          

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