Thursday, March 24, 2011


[R2P] RIGHT TO PROTECT – Or, Right to Palestine?
Now, let's take another view of selective application, the [BRIC] Brazil, The Russian Federation, India, and The Peoples Republic of China, along with the the German Republic abstained on the vote for the application of [R2P], against an Islamic Nation. Now, lets turn the table, and the [PA] Palestine Authority declares itself an independent nation, which is recognized by the [UN] United Nations, and even if it does not, and Israel takes offensive action against Hamas in  what it considers its territory, in retaliation for attacks against the State Government of Israel with another Operation Lead Hand II, attacks Hammas which is the [PA], what will be the vote of the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex, the [EMPIRE] under [R2P], the United Nations sees [R2P] as the Right to Protect but will the [EMPIRE] see it as Israelis [R2P] Right to Palestine, and not abstain but veto, intervention. The tail of the [EMPIRE] Israel will wag the Devil Dog America, thru [AIPAC/AZC] American Israeli Political Action Committee / American Zionist Committee, who would in turn wag Congress, and the wagging would continue into the [UN] United Nations, and the out come is clear that [R2P] turns into an Israeli Right to Palestine!

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