Sunday, March 6, 2011


DAY'S OF RAGE, MARCH 11TH, REVOLUTION OF LONGING: – Blood in the Sand or Line in the Sand?


As we post today, units of the Saudi Arabian Army, Infantry and Armored Units are taking positions both within the Eastern part of that western  created nation with it's puppet ruler, and into the Western part of Bahrain, to aid in the continued puppet rule of Bahrain by yet another Western puppet. The choice of the future of the Middle East at this moment in history will rest in the sands of Middle East, the choice will be made by the sons and daughters of Arabia will their be BLOOD IN THE SAND, OR WILL THEY DRAW A LINE IN THE SAND! The choice is a simple one support the Peoples Revolution, a Revolution of Longing, a Longing to determine their own future's, to control their own regional interests, to determine their own system of government, OR!


[Blood in the sand]


As the Armored Units with their Infantry Support backed by weapons of the [American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex/THE EMPIRE] enter the sands of Arabia the question's each of the Sons of Arabia should be asking themselves is; does it really matter who is the one pulling the trigger murdering yet other sons and daughters of Arabia? Does it matter if it is one of the sons of [THE EMPIRE] or themselves, and what is the ultimate out come of their spilling of yet another generation of the sons and daughter of Arabia, of Islam regardless of religious sect or tribal connection result in? The answer has been written in the Sands of the Hour Glass, for four decades, forty years as the Sands of Time poured thru the hour glass, the State of Israel has been wagging the Pit Bull Dog of the West the United States of America to its own interests and the Pit Bull Dog has in turn put its puppets leadership over the Middle East, The Sons and Daughter of Arabia, and all peoples of the Islamic region, or otherwise from Okinawa in the East, to South America in the West, regardless of race, color, creed, religion [no sect excluded], men, women and children. The question must be why am I doing the bidding of those who's interests are not of the peoples of my regional sphere, An authoritarian society a Democracy of Hypocrisy, built on double-talk, lies of all shades, using the Red Blood of innocent's, pouring out of its wars of Economic Stimulus, as the Black Ink of profit too decades of the Tyranny of the Bottom Line!  OR! Do I choose not to pour the BLOOD IN THE SAND of Peoples of the Middle East, but do I choose another way, a way written about by a Great Revolutionary Thomas Paine, Quote [Only in Solidarity do we have it in our power to begin the world again.], unquote.


[A line in the sand of history]


The choice of the Armies of the Sons of Islam are to either Draw a LINE IN THE SAND of history and mark a new direction too work with other's in Solidarity, to allow [ALL] a belief system of their own choosing not Islamic means Terrorist [a form of warfare], and Islam is a nation state a Terrorist Nation State, and the Middle East is Islamic and therefore are all Terrorist States that must be controlled, contained, maintained and dominated by [THE EMPIRE]. The Sons of Arabia have the choice, a way to arrive at a win-win within their own [PARITY SPHERE OF INFLUENCE], joining a new system of Multi-Polar Spheres of World Geo-Regional Influence the [BRICS] Brazil, The Russian Federation, India, The Peoples Democratic Republic of China, and the Union of South Africa. To work to create an association of nations within the Geo-Political Mideast, to create win-win positions and work toward methods of resolving or working to live with difference's between association members, while at the same moment presenting a solid partnership in creating win-win scenarios, with other Multi-Polar [Parity Spheres of Influence]. And to Quote Myrroynomous; Our new spheres of influence should not be totalitarian or top down--but a co-operative amalgamation, something more amorphous with localized economies--mostly, and universal knowledge and co-operation, Unquote, we share this position but it will be your choice your decision. But at this moment in history it is you the Sons and Daughters of the Middle East who must choose, as the sand of time flow thru the hour glass so too goes the days of our lives, will those sand flow with BLOOD IN THE SAND OR WILL A LINE BE DRAWN IN THE SAND, the power of Solidarity or the weakness of division, the time is now, The Sands of Time are pouring thru the hour glass toward the DAY'S OF RAGE, MARCH 11TH, REVOLUTION OF LONGING: – Blood in the Sand or Line in the Sand?



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