Friday, March 11, 2011




[The Carrot and Stick]


So, just how do you stop Democracy and Freedom, why with a massive use of force to stifle any reform movement of course! So the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex, [THE EMPIRE] can breath a sigh of relief as its minions of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain continue to do their bidding, security personnel surrounding mosques', as Clerics within spoke to the teaching of Islam that, unjustified demonstrations were opposite to Islamic teachings, leaving the question of who or what then determines when the line has been crossed when does Islamic teaching say that under religious and universal moral right it is necessary for those under oppression, to stand against those who break the laws of the Koran, by not acting within the teaching of the Koran, how longer must the yoke of government corruption and oppression be carried as the House of Saud uses the carrot of financial aid and stick of security force clamp down, to ensure The Divine Right of Kings and it is illegal to protest against that supreme authority. The House of Saud security forces are authorized to set up check points checking identification and document, place under surveillance, travel ban, and detain any who are suspected of anti House of Saud sediments the imprisonment of any who would dare sign any petitions demanding reforms, questioning or demanding the ending of the totalitarian or top down House of Saud Divine Right of Kings rule, or the calling for the establishment opposition political parties, free elections, a co-operative amalgamation based upon freedom of expression, a and free press providing the public a universal knowledge of government activities keeping a check upon government  to report and abate corruption, the establishment of regional localized economies, a government working in co-operation with other regional block or regional association members to form a regional sphere of parity in line with the [BRICS] Brazil, The Russian Federation, India, The Democratic Peoples Republic of China, and The Union of South Africa, and the [EU] European Union.


 [The spike]


What has the [Empire] done with its selective bi-polar actions concerning the House of Saud and Bahrain, with its massive external interference, subversion, both open and covert, stopping the current demands of freedom in the emerging Islamic Parity Sphere of Influence? What has been described as the ['arc of disaster'] has been created, and that arc will extend from  Gibraltar to Indonesia, from The Russian Federation to the tip of Africa, a rage beyond all control, a backlash of religious extremism, a spike in radical Islam, revolutionaries forced to resort to what ever acts and terrorist warfare, against governments support by the American-Israel Military Industrial Complex, [THE EMPIRE] and the Empire itself, [911] will only seem like a small prick of a needle by comparison.



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