Thursday, March 17, 2011


EPOCHAL SIROCCO-GHIBILI – Toward an Islamic Democracy

As epochal  era of inevitable and irreversible Sirocco - Ghibili Sandstorm of change sweeps across the Middle East ending the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex [EMPIRE] of colonial subjugation thru its placement and support of autocratic, totalitarian top down Divine Right of rule, despotic rulers. Being lead by and urbanized and connected youth with a democratic fervor, willing to go their own way and face the bumpy and unstable path, at best in a transition from autocracy to democracy. Are calling for a new form Middle East [NOT] based upon, or taking instructions from a copy cat western Neo Liberal Secular Democratic System, of fewer and fewer disenfranchised citizens choosing not to participate in superficial elections which are controlled thru gerrymandered unchanging candidate's, western style so called democratic elections, with no change to the status quo within its governmental ruling elite structures. Forming an Islamic Democracy, form of government established and based upon historic values of respect for human rights, based upon Islamic beliefs and values  with Islamic representation, a constitutional freely elected Islamic Caliphate monarchy, power sharing, with a Parliamentary system of opposition political parties, a co-operative amalgamation based upon rights of free association and expression, the right petition the regress of grievances, demanding reforms to  allowing the voice of the people to be heard, a free press providing the public a universal knowledge of government activities keeping a check upon government  to report and abate corruption, the establishment of regional system of localized economies, ending the era of pent-up demands for higher wages income and regulated welfare assistance, a government working in co-operation with other regional block or regional association members to form a regional sphere of parity, in the new Multi-Polar [21st] Century, in line with the [BRICS] Brazil, The Russian Federation, India, The Democratic Peoples Republic of China, and The Union of South Africa, and the [EU] European Union.


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