Friday, March 4, 2011




[Beware the Ides of March]


Now, we are just one short week away from the Day's of Rage, the March 11th, Revolution of Longing, to start in Saudi Arabia, and its anyone's guess but there is a distinct possibility that it will spread into Bahrain almost a certainty and then into Yemen, and anyone outside the Dog State of The [USA] United States of America, should and do understand what that means. To explain what is meant by the [USA] being a Dog, it is commonly understood around the Globe that, The State of Israeli is the tail of the Dog, to the [USA's] Pit Bull, and the tail wags the Dog, and that when one talks of the [EMPIRE] its means the whole Dog, the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex, or just the [EMPIRE]. So, Beware the Ides of March, it's all about just who, and who is not going to have their paw's on the oil flow valve of Saudi Arabia.  


[The tail of dog and paw]


Over the last week or so oil prices have been going up, to a point were the price of a barrel of crude reached [€85.14 Euros/$118USD's] per barrel, and  those in the know are saying that any rise in price above [€86.59Euros/$120USD's] would begin a decline in economic growth world wide and guess what some experts are saying, oil costs could spike [29%] and that works out to be [€93.80Euros/$130USD's] in less than a month. Now, compare that to the increase in just over one week that has occurred and increase of over [13%] in price per barrel, and a [7.22Euros/$10USD], translates into about [0.18Euro/0.25USD's] or quarter of a [USD] at the pump. But the cost of a barrel of oil dropped from [€85.14 Euros/$118USD's] per barrel to [72.93Euros/ $102USD's], down [11.44Euros /$16USD's], per barrel and the [NYSE] New York Stock Exchange went from decline to rise in a hurry. So what caused this sudden change of fortune, the tail wagged the dog, the dog barked and put its paw on the hand of the King of Saudi Arabia who turned the oil flow valve allowing more crude to flow, making up for any loss due the uprising in Libya at the present time.


[The Price of Tea in China]


So, what does all this have to do about the price of tea in China, everything, oil makes the wheels of industry turn and the price of oil determines the cost of everything that industry manufactures, and who controls the flow of oil controls the world economic markets. That is what is so important about the Day's of Rage, March 11th, Revolution of Longing, who is going to have their paw on the flow values of the Middle East, the past [Empire] Collaborators, despots, and puppets in their [80's] who's next in line are looking to take their place, or a new [21st] Century Cyber Generation of [SPHERES OF PARITY INFLUENCE] seeking regional Sphere of Influence control of their own destiny, economically, politically and in all social aspects, control of their present and future not tied to the past and its Status Quo. And, that's why the DAY'S OF RAGE, MARCH 11TH, REVOLUTION OF LONGING: – The Dog's Paw! Are so critical, there is always the possibility that the West and the [Empire] in particular can control, contain or prevent its happening for the moment, but its only putting a lid on a boiling pot that will turn into a boiler without a safety valve too prevents a catastrophic explosion, at a later date, sweeping things under the rug only makes walking on it an ankle twister.



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