Tuesday, February 22, 2011


TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES ? – The fine line between security and freedom!




What is Truth, the opposite of a lie, and [The Truth Shall Make You Free], therefore the opposite would hold true, if the truth is not know then you not free.  Or as George Carlin stated; "Honesty [Truth] may be the best policy, but it's important to remember that apparently, by elimination, dishonesty is the second-best policy." It is said in one breath that the truth will out, but in another that many take the truth to their graves. There have been many instances where little white lies are told to protect those who if they knew the truth of the matter would be hurt Yes there is a Santa Clause, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, the fish died and went to heaven, lives have even been forfeited for the greater good by not revealing the truth, as in the blitz of London, when the British had cracked the enigma code, but it was win the war at any cost even the cost of innocent lives. So, Truth in the long run is Power, and Control if you're the one who really knows what the Truth, and by keeping a closed loop on those who need to know within the Power Structure, and that Power Structure the modern day American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex, the [EMPIRE], while supporting internet freedom abroad has been and is in the business of using its controlled media as a pacifier, with its [Everything's Fine] nightly teleprompter reading media Stars, all the while it spies, restricts and send out its [Homeland Security Forces] too intimidate those who dare to cross them, but there are Consequences.


[Or Consequences]         


The Consequences are not only the loss of Freedom of Communications with  The Inter-Net Kill Switch, for use during a national emergency, determined by those in Power, to retain and maintain its Power and Control, the loss of Freedom. There must be no true Freedom of Communications, Command and Control of the Public is maintained thru a controlled and tightly gripped media, information is power and power is control, and that control must extend beyond the Controlled Corporate Press of the Military Industrial Complex its authority must cover other communications forums such as the Internet as without such controls and censorship, these methods of communications pose a threat too the existing status quo. What the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex government and their league of client state collaborators need is legislation giving legal authority to institute methods to silence those, individuals or groups posting of politically subversive content, to the established order, by thru extensive heavy presence of by government moderators/regulators, who with warrantless authority duties include; monitoring, internet filtering, with disconnect authority, of free citizens, landline/cell, text messaging phone services, and Internet service thru subterfuge when such communications are sent, using an error message as inappropriate content, according to a customer service operator of the service provider, as a legal problem by corporation lawyers, along with the permanent suspension of any individual from any domestically operated websites which allows public comment, or comments were unable to be posted due to upgrades in progress, of a temporary nature, with the immediate removal  from any medium, comments that are politically sensitive or motivated, calls to protest, or social revolutions. With the notification of local police, regional state authorities, and national Homeland Security authorities, and in the case of non-domestic communications American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex Client State's would be notified, ending the unlikelihood of the publics' knowledge of such call to political protest, stage protests or uprising, maintaining a controlled Democracy of Hierocracy.


[The Empire has no clothes]


Noam Chomsky wrote quote, that's kind of an odd description. I mean the United States of America [Now the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex] is probably the only country [Empire] in the world that was founded as a 'nascent empire' – it's what George Washington called it. The colonies he said [George Washington], were a nascent empire and they were just beginning their imperial conquest……. interventions everywhere, unquote. This has held true to this very minute, control the message, control the communications media, and control the mass's not only within the boundary of its own [Empire] but within its Client States, this is about [Empire] now seen for what it is a Democracy of Hypocrisy, The Empire Has No Clothes.



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