Thursday, February 3, 2011


A WAKE-UP CALL- To a poor investment Israel!



[The World Trembles]



Now, the Middle East just like the Far-East has awoken, an one person in history that had experience with both areas more with Egypt than with China was Napoleon, a very shrewd tactician who said this of China – [the dragon sleeps now, let it sleep, for the world will tremble when it wakes], well not only has China awakened from its slumber but the Middle East has awoken from its nightmare of Western Domination, only two of a growing array of Geographic areas which have roused to a new day, a new era, each combining with regional area players to form [21st] Century Spheres of Influence, the mortar and [BRICS] Brazil, The Russian Federation, India, The Peoples Democratic Republic of China, and The Union of South Africa, of a New World Order, which are soon to be joined with the [PDIR] Peoples Democratic Islamic Republics which are at present in their birthing process, going thru the labours and pains to free themselves from the grasps of the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex hold.



[Round Robin $USD's]



But what has been the cost to the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex to maintain its strangle hold just upon just [3] states within the Middle East and the Tip of The Spear alone, well the answer is found in following the money, a trail that starts in Washington, D.C. [District of Clowns] where [$Billions$] of [$USD's$] United States Dollars are annually appropriated to ensure the continued existence of the tip of its spear into the Islamic Crescent, its partner state Israel. Money which is lobbied for quarterly by [AIPAC/AZC] American Israeli Political Action Committee/American Zionist Committee, which in turn supports the [Non-Term Limit], Slam Dunk created [Gerrymandered] district members of the Imperial Court, on a Round Robin [USD] trip o those [$USD's], to the established dictators in the Middle East, who in turn split the cash between paid government lackeys, and their Military Establishment, who purchase the tear gas, water cannons, tanks, weapons, security establishments and prisons to ensure their populations are kept in line. Funding supported from investors such as Nancy Pelosi, among others who line their nests, profiting from the Round Robin [$USD's], and the suffering of the world masses. Just add up the costs, follow the money lets say all [3] of the lackey client states plus Israel the Tip of the Spear got the same amount of [$USD's], Egypt, Jordon, Saudi Arabia, with each receiving [$1.5B/$USD's], but there are [4] listed that's, [$6B/$USD's], annually none of which is going to the infrastructure, education, healthcare, [R&D] Research and Development projects for future generations of any type, of The Client States with the exception of Israel and the Military Industrial Complex of American-Israeli Hypocrisy of Democracy and too line the pockets of the Nancy Pelosi's it buys, but simply to maintain its status quo.  



[A poor investment Israel]



And what has all these [$USD's] gotten in return for its poor investment, the hate and rage of those under the age of [25] globally, all for the continued support of Israel, which is guilty of apartheid, and running an open air concentration camp, called Gaza, murdering [400] children and then printing T-shirts, [The smaller ones are harder to hit] among others, the support of that state, with low oil costs per barrel. This as their [POTUS] President of the United States, talks support from one side of his mouth to the Peoples of Egypt and other Arab countries, while having his Military Industrial Complex [Pentagon] working with the [$1.5B/USD] paid for local military establishments of its client states to ruthlessly put down any insurrection, providing direction in suppression of mobile phones, internet, purchasing of anti-insurrection movement forces, acting against any non-controlled media of the world, moving from the outside in towards the main opposition central point, all this in support of the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex, Wall St., the [NYSE] New York Stock Exchange,  Israel and its, declining and increasing  irrelevant Hypocrisy of Democracy. A Wake-Up Call-To a poor investment Israel!


HERCULE TRIATHLON SAVINIEN                       


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