Friday, February 18, 2011


CONTROLLING THE MESSAGE – The Cyberspace Range War


[A citizenry of mushrooms]


Basically the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex citizen's are Mushrooms kept in the darkness and feed [BS] Bull Shit by a small group of controlled media companies and their affiliates which do double talk, they say and present a domestic sanitized [Propaganda] version to its own citizens and then go Internationally reporting the very same story that is totally different from their internal home town version reporting, it is a selective feeding process of misinformation by the controlled press leaving those who are looking for information, with which to make an informed decision, in a position of; they just don't know which is what and why after having made a comparison of the two versions. Now, one could make the argument that this is being done strictly for corporate profit and making money for owners and shareholders, with cults of personality individuals reading teleprompters dividing the world between [them and us], by their constant onslaught of false media and political manipulation, creation of International Bad Guys and Domestic Good Guys, and we will be back after the commercial, and by the way commercial products which allow us to keep you informed making for a strengthened democracy. Or on the other hand are the so called conspiracy theorist been proven correct/right all along in their pointing out and asserting, that they have sources, documentation, gathered and second sourced thru cyberspace means which prove that the media of the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex is not all it seems, when one compares their media controlled message and that of the Cyberspace Cowboys, bloggers, dissidents, internet hacktivists; and social networks rallying for revolution and social justice.


[Cyberspace Range War]


The Controlled Media has been sucker punched, with an out of the blue, hay maker punch of Internet raids, called (DOS) Denial of Service attacks using the [Low Orbit Ion Cannon], which sends huge volumes of pointless inquiries to a website until its serves shut down, a  flawed design software package which when used allows the Controlled Media and its State Pinkerton' to trace the [IP] Internet Protocol, the address of the computer sending the attack, [BLACK FAX] flooding fax machines with black pages until the costly toner cartridges are empty, not to mention being put behind the curve to the reality of revolutions in the making being created and stated in Cyberspace brought down into the world of action based reality. And so the war is on, one which former Grateful Dead lyricist John Perry Barlow, wrote paraphrased, [this is the first real info war, and you The Cyberspace Cowboys, bloggers, dissidents, internet hacktivists; and social networks with no manifesto or consensus, just rallying for revolution and social justice using Twitter and chat rooms to determine your targets, and then sounding the call to Battle Stations, attack; "Fire! Fire! Fire!" have become, the soldiers, in the war between the Controlled Media Range Barons and open range Cyberspace Cowboys]. And just who are these Cyberspace Cowboys, not simply teenagers engaging in some ritualized test of courage on the road to adulthood, the mantra, of the Barons of the Controlled Media Message, but legions of individuals full well knowing what they are doing, and willing to stand up to state based authority, supporting freedom of opinion built upon a don't fence me in cyberspace range belief system. The War has just begun, pitting the State Pinkerton's against the Cyberspace Butch and Sundance, Hole in the Wall gang's. The Hole in Cyberspace Gang comprised of Lone Wolves and decentralized leaderless units of untold numbers, moving at the speed of light, in which a week in time away from the action is like a thousand years of lost time that must be made up to catch up.



[The Kill Switch]


If you can't, stop them, locate them to prosecute them, silence or eliminate them then lets make it legal to turn off Cyberspace, and create a Kill Switch and turn it off, lets stop any and all Freedom of Communications it must be Controlled, and informed public is a threat to its control and safety only we the elite must have control of information and information is power and power is control. [WE NEED A KILL SWITCH!!], The American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex needs a Cyberspace Kill Switch and we needed it yesterday, Battle Stations, Battle Stations, now where is that KILL SWITCH?

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