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[Nationalism or Regionalism]


Now, we just got thru reading and watching and interview on ( RussiaToday.Com. given by Valeria Paikova, of the [62] Six-two year old born in Africa, of Spanish nationality, French Actor Jean Reno, the French Cop of [The Da Vinci Code] who had the leading role in the French Movie the [Round-Up], a film about the rounding up of French Jew's for transportation to relocation camps in the East of Europe, in France by the Vichy French, in [1942]. The question was put to him by [RT's] Valeria Paikova, Quote; Nationalism has recently been on the rise in Russia, in Europe, across the world. Does the versatile actor have a clue as to what provokes it? And the actors response was "No, because I'm not the good person for that. Unquote, but it was a very interesting question, so we taught well why not take a crack at it. And we felt that it's not so much about nationalism as in the past decades but more Regionalism that is taking hold around the world, its not simply about The Russian Federation, its about the [BRICS] Brazil, The Russian Federation, India, The Democratic Peoples Republic of China, and The Union of South Africa, and other developing Regional [Spheres of Influence], and about what has transpired during the past [40] years.


[The American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex]


We feel it's not really a move toward nationalism but away from the Hegemony, One World Government as envisioned by the metamorphosis from the United States of America into the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex [The Empire], to that of one of [Spheres of Parity Influence] cause by that transformation. Those nations and regions that have suffered the effects of them under purchased and owned political collaborators, not only serving their own self interests, but the interests of their masters within [The Empire], to the detriment of the citizens of their nations and regional interests. After this prolonged period of time, a new generation has grown with the idea of what [FDR] Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, Quote; We have nothing to fear, but fear itself Unquote. They have been born to oppression, generated from a foreign master, and they are their parents children but not their parents, and are as Mad As Hell and are not willing to take it any longer, and are in the process of tearing down the established order, and throwing out the status quo.


[Parity Spheres of Influence]


Why should their not be multi-polar, regional, Parity Spheres of Influence instead of Bi-Polar or a single Hegemony, Global Government? Why should only one currency be the base line currency, for the entire global economy? Why should Democracy be the one and only form of Global Government? In the [21st] Century with the Revolution in Communications that has lead directly to the World Revolution against the Hegemony of [The Empire] why since the Genie of [WMD's] Weapons of Mass Destruction is out of the bottle, there only be a select few nations to have them, and why those certain select few? This new generation has a duty and a right to determine their own destiny, and are no longer willing to accept the idea of that's just the way things are, you have to deal with it. The new generation has come upon just how they are going to deal with it and that is to do away with the past status quo and replace it with a new way of doing things. As the status quo seeks to retain control, by saying they don't have a clue as to what to do, the new generation is saying, But you can bet we will think of something, and it can't be worse than we already have, we have survived the very worse you could and have thrown at us and we are still here and still standing, and what hasn't killed us has only made us stronger, a multi-polar, regional grouping of association membership countries of parity/equality, with a new form of [SDR] Special Drawing Rights based economy, and First Strike Parity Nuclear Capability, working within the framework of a New [USINA] United Spheres of Influence National Assembly to replace the failed [UN] United Nations, in the [21st] Century can't be any worse than it is now. It is what the citizens of the [21st] Century are moving from the past and the Status Quo, to the Future and a New Way Of Doing Things.



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