Sunday, February 6, 2011


SPHERES OF INFLUENCE – The New World of Parity Order!


[The American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex World Order]  


The New World Order will be based upon Spheres of Influence, which has already begun, with the [BRICS] Brazil, The Russian Federation, India, The Peoples Republic of China, and The Union of South Africa, which will be followed by the [EU] European Union as it breaks its connection and idealized Western ties to the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex, politically, economically, and militarily forming its own regional [European Sphere of Influence] ending it servant master obedience to Washington, D. C. [District of Clowns], its [NYSE] New York Stock Exchange uncontrolled and black hole capitalism, feeding on the worlds population as a Vampire, sucking the life's blood from it, controlled by [AIPAC/AZC] The American Israeli Political Action Committee/ American Zionist Committee, in support of Israel and with both groups having failed to life up to the hopes that the world as a whole had believed would have been achieved by the return of the Jewish Peoples to a homeland of their own, only to deny the same dream to the Peoples of Gaza, turning their lives into a nightmare reality of living in an Open Air Concentration Camp, with food cut off, water cut off, under attack by weapons provided by the American-Israel Military Industrial Complex, [DIME & WHITE PHOSPEROUS] used in the murder of [400] Innocent Arab Children seeing them as no more than future enemies, on T-shirts [The Little One's Are Harder To Kill]. The American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex of professional politicians, of [NO TERM LIMITS], [NO AGE LIMITS], [GERRYMANDERED ELECTION DISTRICTS], with large campaign contributions from the companies that supply its military industrial complex, along with large donations from [AIPAC/AZC], and a controlled media.


[The Sphere of Influence Parity World Order]


The New Sphere of Influence Parity World Order, will be based upon Peace and Prosperity of mutual Parity, not large amounts of money spent on professional military establishment but upon a small cadre of professional soldiers with a larger number of limited years conscripted service [PFC's] Proud Fracking Civilians], thus creating a nation of citizen soldiers capable, of the over throwing of a government that will not respond to the will and needs of its own peoples. A Military on equal [WMD] Weapons of Mass Destruction [PARITY] with other [Geo-Spheres of Influence] not a large stock pile of Nuclear Weapons which serve no purpose but amounts that are lethal to any other [Sphere of Influence] based on their unstoppable [DELIVERY SYSTEMS] manufactured and replaced with the newest systems and supported by the means of advancements in computer based satellite backed by internal point of no return destination targeting. The concept of a Nuclear Free World is just so much hype of the Western Powers and the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex in particular. World Peace and Regional Prosperity can only be achieved by mutual respect for each of the  [Spheres of Influence] toward each other and their rights to define their own regional governments, religious and economic systems, their rights to regional autonomy.



[Blood and Pain will rule the day]                      


We have seen the often quoted ["He who makes peaceful revolution impossible, makes violent revolution inevitable." Of [JFK – John Fitzgerald Kennedy], and so it is, the concept of containment with a military cordon of tanks of professional military who own their lifestyle to those in power, as those in power use paid and government employees to attack those protesters, while all the time seeking to contain, and delay in an effort to weaken and encage a threat to the puppets of The American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex, will make violent revolution the inevitable choice of mean of change, this same method which is being applies in the larger Geo-Political building of its Nuclear War running from [Foothold Germany to Foothold Okinawa], in its effort to contain, delay, and weaken by first strike, close in less time with less distance cutting any possible [Nuclear Parity], of [BRICS] members. The [PDIR] Peoples Democratic Islamic Republic Sphere of Influence, is in its birthing stage, and all births are based upon blood shed and pain, the amount of birthing pain will be based upon the military of Egypt, they must answer the question, are they pawns of the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex or are they part of the Peoples of the [PDIR], will they be part of the shaping of the new future or become victims of its, for having stood in its way, so far at least one attempt of assassination has been made upon the newly appointed Egyptian [VP] Vice-President and military pawn of the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex, one of the two pawns that Military Complex sent to delay the birth of the [PDIR], and history has shown again and again Blood and Pain will rule the day.



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