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There is an old Japanese tale about Mt. Fujiyama, the mountain abounding with warriors, that if the people of Japan were to burn their letters of grief upon its summit they would rise to the heavens, where their pleas would be answered, the wheel of fate would be turned their sadness would pass, the heavens would be compassionate, and the feather robe of would be placed on the nation, and the warriors of mountain would arise to defend the people. Now, [2.7K] Two-Thousand Seven hundred, in total, with smoking hot anger rising to the sky, Japanese gathering to protest against the continued presence of Israeli-American Empire simply know as the [EMPIRE,] Foothold Far East Troops of Occupation on Japanese soil, the Land of the Rising Sun, may not seem as colorful as Samurai Warriors flowing down from the mountain abounding with warriors but it doesn't make any less a stirring event. The spirit of the Samurai is once again filling the Land of the Rising Sun. 




The Ire of the Japanese people was finally brought to the point where there can no longer be any middle ground, as the [SOSE] Secretary of State to the Empire Hillary Diane Rodham-Clinton, in her usual My Way or the Highway performance, ignored, downplayed and brushed aside the overwhelming Japanese peoples demands that the [EMPIRE'S] troops of Foothold Far East be removed from the soil of Japan, that the occupation of Japan be ended. But, The Clinton State Department forced the signing of the so called [2006] Japan-U.S. Roadmap for Realignment Implementation, and more than just kicking the can down the road, has lit the  fuse to the powder keg of Japanese private citizens and Ire over the continued occupation of their country, a slap to the face of the Japanese people, leaving Japan with no  face saving option beyond that of total confrontation and actions of resistance, this no longer about having the problems caused coming back to haunt both Japan and the [Empire] at some distant far date this is a Clear and Present Confrontation, between the people of Japan its Central Government, with the Japanese People questioning who's interests are being served by that Government the will of the Japanese People or the interest of the Israeli-American Empire, the interests of the Mega- Metropolis  New York City and Washington, D. C. or the People of Japan, and this time it may well go beyond the fall of the Japanese Parliamentary Government called the Diet.  




The Japanese [PM] Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama of the [LDP] Liberal Democratic Party and  son of former [PM] Ichiro Hatoyama, was elected to that Position from the [9th] District of Hokkaido, on the platform and promise that all the [EMPIRE] Troops of Foothold Far East Occupation would be removed from the soil of Japan, is now seen as having brought shame too himself and his family name, the house of Hatoyama, and Japan The ancestor's of the Hatoyama family will be crying, Yukio Hatoyama  is a liar, and any agreement reached by the [PM] does not represent the will of the People of Japan which is Japan,  and  the Japanese peoples direct representatives to the Central Government of Japan, and the Emperor of Japan, are no longer to engage in negotiations, and agreements being made over their objections and heads but are now saying that the entire process was nothing more than a scam, that will meet with the resistance of the Japanese people, who will with the hearts and determination of the Samurai are  willing  lay their lives on the line,  to ensure that the chance of the implementation of the odious  Clinton [2006] Japan-U.S. Roadmap for Realignment Implementation, is Zero, and there will only be future bilateral cooperation between the  [Empire] and Japan only when, all [Empire] Foothold Hold Troops of Far East Occupation are removed from the soil The Land of The Rising Sun and then only when such cooperation serve the  interests of the Japanese People. The Central Government of Japan signed an Agreement with [SOSE] Hillary Diane Rodham-Clinton, which has been null and void by the People of Japan, and is no longer worth the paper upon which the agreement was written, the question that Hillary now faces is was the My Way or The Highway Confrontational Diplomacy worth the present and future consequences caused by it?



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