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[Empire AER or Sphere Member]


Now the Israeli-American Empire [The Empire] former Ambassador Thomas Schieffer got our attention, the boy seems to agree with us that the move of the Marines based on Okinawa, to a more remote location on the Island would be a good idea, well it is only a good idea if it happens, and the move is not a done deal and many not be. Now Tom keeps referring to the so called [2006] Japan-U.S. Roadmap for Realignment Implementation, as if it was written in stone by some deity, and the fact is its only an agreement as long as both parties agree to it, and in this case its more than an iffy deal. Tom keeps talking about some grand alliance, and the Japanese have already said that any idea of Japan having some Unbreakable Special Relationship with [The Empire] is bogus, and in fact Japan wants to have a closer relationship to the local Sphere of Geo-Influence the [PRC] Peoples Republic of China, a member of the [BRIC] Brazil, The Russian Federation, India, and [PRC] People's Republic of China, and is not an [AER] Area of Empire Responsibility.




And again Tom seems to have put his foot in his mouth, with statements that about the grand bilateral agreement and the Marines aren't going anywhere until [The Empire] has a new facility and have moved in, and that is the only move they are going to make. Basically Tom has put his foot down, but down his own throat, and if anything is putting stress on the Japanese [PM] Prime Minister of Japan Yukio Hatoyama and his [LDP] Left-leaning government, to pull off what maybe a miracle statements like Tom's do the trick , Tom doesn't see it as a crisis, and when any of the Washington, D.C., District of Clowns, over paid and under productive Bureaucratic class says there is not a crisis or they have it under control its time to start worrying. Old Tom said and we quote;  I think that they could be, if we take each other for granted or if we think that the [The Empire] -Japan alliance is something that doesn't need to be cared for and nurtured, unquote, and the Japanese have already said they don't want anymore lovie dovie caring and nurturing they want a D-I-V-O-R-C-E, [The Empire] out of the house, there is nothing left to resolve, and the only differences is Japan is going the way of the Sphere of Influence of the [21st] twenty-first century were as [The Empire] is mired in the [20th] Century of Wars of Economic Stimulus, and the only interests [The Empire] is trying to protect is what it seems to believe is an [AER] Area of Empire Responsibility Northeast Asia, An area that is no longer an [AER] of [The Empire] but part of the Sphere of Influence of the [PRC]. Now, Tom did know one thing that Japan understands how difficult Northeast Asia can be, its [The Empire] that is clueless to the changes that have taken place over the years, living in denial and not facing up to the reality of the  facts on the ground, [The Empire] doesn't live here, and neither does Tom, the Marines would never get off Okinawa, but are only targets themselves and making Okinawa a target to a Nuclear Attack, Tom suffers from pre-Nuclear Weapons mind think, backup reserve troops will never put foot in Korea, in the event of a Second Korean Police Action.


[D-I-V-O-R-C-E Papers]


The LDP Election Mandate; The Prime Minister of Japan Yukio Hatoyama and his [LDP] Left-leaning government took office in September [2009] , backed by the [SDP] Social Democratic Party within its coalition, vehemently opposed to Israeli-American Troops of Foothold Far East Occupation of Japan, and their remaining on Japanese soil, and with a solid majority mandate of the Japanese electorate upon a promise that ALL Israeli-American Empire Foothold Troop in the Far East on Japanese soil, would be removed from Japanese soil the New [21st] Century Dreamers, Thinkers, Workers, and [Netcitizens], People and their New Government would tear up the Roadmap for Realignment Implementation replacing it with a [GPS] Ground Position System of Reappraisal, Reassessment and Removal Achievement;


* The reassessing of present alliances/ commitments/ relationship with the American-Israeli Empire in the [21st] Century, with change to the Status Quo, which now exists.


* The ending of all Japanese military involvement in the Wars of Economic Stimulus, Blood for Oil, wars in progress against the Islamic Peoples upon the Islamic Crescent/Arabian Peninsula/Hindu Cush, which has taken place with the removal of Japanese Troops, and the ending Japan's refueling missions within the Indian Ocean of their fleets.


* The ending of the [2006] agreement allowing the [47K] Forty-Seven Thousand, [FOOTHOLD] Troops of Far East Occupation, to remain on Japanese soil, demanding their total removal from Japan, and its occupation of the southern Japanese Island of Okinawa, with the closing of their Marine Corp Air Station Futenma.


* The ending of port calls of any American-Israeli Empire, nuclear-armed warships to Japanese ports, ending hidden past agreements, violating the hallowed anti-nuclear principle of postwar Japan. 


* Calling for a closer relationship with [PRC] People's Republic of China, a member of the [PRC] Peoples Republic of China a member of the [BRIC] Brazil, The Russian Federation, India, and the Peoples Republic of China Sphere of Influence of the [21st] Century [within the Chinese Sphere of Influence.


* Membership within the [ASEAN] Association of Southeast Asian Nations, of [16] nations using a single [ASEAN] trading currency by [2020] within the bloc and [PRC/ASEAN] Sphere of Influence; Australia, Brunei, China, India, Indo-China [Vietnam], Indonesia, Japan, A United Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, The Paracel Islands, The Philippines, and The Spratly Islands.


* The selling of Israeli-American Empire debt in the form of Bond's and legal tender, to support a more diversified Japanese economic position.



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