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Gates said Quote; that those are the kind of questions that the government should be asking and consequently finding an answer in order to have a balanced military portfolio geared to real world requirements and a defense budget that is fiscally and politically sustainable over time. President Dwight David Eisenhower was wary of seeing his beloved republic turn into a muscle-bound, garrison state—militarily strong, but economically stagnant and strategically insolvent Unquote. The article should be read, it's the End of Empire.




Now, after having read an article on the site [www.TheHill.Com], Gates: Military spending should be subjected to harsher scrutiny, By Roxana Tiron, and just like Rome, the Empire can no longer support its military, Rome called the troops back from Britannia, the former [USSR] Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, packed up their Armies and when home just prior to their economic collapse, from the Cold War Arms Race. Well, [300] Three-Hundred Empire Bases to support outside the boarders of the Empire can no longer be supported and other cuts that one can look forward to are;


* Procurement: Cancelled Orders for cutting the Carrier Task Force Groups, Cutting Trident Submarines, Cutting Tactical Aircraft, a long list of we don't need it, we can't support it's maintenance, we can't afford it items. It's come down to Guns or Butters, and not Guns and Butter.


* PERSONNEL:  And since the Empire doesn't need, nor can any longer afford the cost of such a military industrial complex, not only are material items to be cut but personnel starting at the top, there are too many chiefs, and not enough Indians already, and after the deep cuts into the pear, and the paring down has taken place, Flag Officers will be cut, along with Pilots when aircraft doesn't exist for them to fly. The numbers, must be cut a leaner, meaner military and we mean meaner. The only thing different between criminals behind bars and the military will be liberty on the weekends for the military. Gates has no other choice, cut the numbers cut the pay, or at best freeze pay increases for decades.




There will be serious ripples throughout the entire Global Community, as the Empire begins its contraction;


* The question of when you're military is smaller who will comes first Illegal Immigrants having jobs, or natural born citizens of families having lived in the country for centuries.


* The question of the maintenance of the security of the your national boarders or what Gates will have left of them, with [9] Nine Republics that could be formed upon the North American Sea to Shining Sea Empire,  if the Empire is not held together by force, and that maybe the only way it will be held together.


* The [NATO] North Atlantic Treaty Organization is broken as an offensive organization, and will become once again a [EU] European Union defensive organization, but under European Control.


* The longer list is up to you to consider, Israel, Iran, The Islamic Crescent/Arabian Crescent/Hindu Cush, The Far East Foothold on Japan, The Trip Wire Troops of Korea, The role and relationships of the New Spheres of Influence [21st] Century, there will be change, and it is now up to the Dreamers, Thinkers, Workers, and [NetCitizens] of the [21st-22nd] Century to craft it, their time is here!  




We have said and will stand behind May to May there is Hell to Pay, the list of what is coming down the line is long, with dire consequences to the Empire, such as New York City, the next time it will be worse, on there car bomb that didn't work, next time look for multiple, mobile, and with all the individuals wearing Egyptian Cotton burial shrouds, you may even have Black Widows on the subway system all at the same time, same date, same area not location with multiple targets of choice. Lone Wolfs and Wolf Packs, or multiple lone wolves sent as different parts of the same agenda. Do we know if this will happen, NO! But, it is what we would do, if we were [IFF] Islamic Freedom Fighters.


Gates has to look to a defensive position, the best defense is a solid offense only if your offense has a shot at really ending the other guys offense once and for all, if not it becomes a series of counter-attacks, one upon another, and the first to break their spear point on the others defensive shield is in serious trouble. Gates must withdraw to a strong defensive position, his military organization is spread to thin, is too slow, and does not have the organizational structure for a long protracted grinding small unit, hit and run guerilla war, against a force able to draw upon a Billion Population, One-Sixths of the Worlds population.


May To May Hell To Pay!




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