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 [First the Garden]


Now, we are so lost for words about the decline and fall of the Empire that is taking place and the state of denial that the Empire's Media Messiah Imperial President and his court are in and we have stated from May to May There Would Be Hell To Pay, this is just the beginning, so we decided to just forget about it for awhile, and deal with more important items the gardening, and after the rainfall in the Southern part of the Republic of California reached a level not seen in the last [50] Fifty years, half a century, there are flowers and plants everywhere, it a garden of Eden, but Adam is being run ragged taking care of it. But, after a day in the garden what better to finish the day with than Brit Tele/Television/TV/ The Boob Tube.


Now, to be fair there are some Empire Television programs worth viewing, but Brit TV, make's to think, it's not cut and dried so here's some of our favorites in which one's we like the best;


* Torchwood: Captain Jack is the man, The face of Bose, love the Torchwood Team.


* Dr. Who: This new [Dr.] seems to be having a problem making the Dr. part of himself and vise versa, it's more like [IM' THE DOCTOR???], and not [I'M THE DOCTOR!!!] the Tardis came here as it sensed a problem, what is it, we are here too save the day. It's more like I'm here, I'm lost, and then it's what happens if I do this, what happen if I do that, if you can't figure it out, what are you doing there. The New Doctor may drop to a lower rating, if things don't change.


* Prime Evil: The Head of the Program [James Lester] that everyone reports to makes the show, the true Brit no sweat will be shown, and no other bureaucrat, can out bureaucrat him, both hands behind his back, in the newest of style suits European Attire, the bureaucrat James Bond, and just as skilled, when those skills are needed, you can guess his reply with the look you get.   


* Being Human: Corky, it is just one of those cute programs, it reminds your Dark Shadows, Vampire's, Ghosts, going back in time to show past history of the individuals, and other Werewolves or whatever, it really is a modern Dark Shadows it's the best way to describe it, now if they just let the writers have their way, as with Dark Shadows, really get out there it could be a cult classic if not a hit.


* Touching Evil / Wire In the Blood: Basically it's the same series with Robson Green, in one is the [DCI] in the other he's the nutty professor, but either way Robson Green, is the nutty professor, with a scrabbled mind caused by getting into the minds of serial killers, you never know what's in those plastic bags.


* Inspector Lewis: We love the Sgt. Hathaway /Lawrence Fox Tall, Smart, Polished, but with a devil inside that wants to come out and play, the little sharp cutting remark, that is meant to zing, over someone's head.


[Cross-Over Advertising]


The Canadians are using cross-over advertising for there television series an the are REALLY WORTH SEEING, the characters from Burn Notice, and White Collar, they are a real hoot. Television is showing just were the talent and future is and it's not in the Empire, there simply is no area in which the Empire is not failing, so were loving British and Canadian Television at the end of each day, on DVD, Blue Ray, without them it would be unbearable.  



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