Sunday, May 2, 2010




The Question of the week will be how far will the [NYSE] New York Stock Exchange Drop, just how long into the morning before trading will be suspended;


* Europe in Economic Melt Down


* The Worlds worse Ecological and long duration disasters, one behind another a Volcano in Iceland, and now an Oil leak to last at least [90] Ninety Days, and were of course along the Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida coast the same are that got flatten by a Hurricane, and drought all at the same time. And the Empire intends to break [BP] British Petroleum over it.


* The Israeli-[PA] Palestinian Authority Empire Rift


* And then the Empire trying to claim it has NOT lost the entire Southwest of its own Empire to a culture that has a Language, Religious, and Cultural Heritage that the Empire does not have and boarders that don't exist, and non-citizens that they can't and don't want to locate. 


* There are [9] Nine Republics to be born after the fall of the Empire the Confederacy the New South is now in Economic Disaster, and the New Southwestern Republic is flexing its muscle telling the Empire just what it can and can't do a Spanish Speaking, Roman Catholic Religion, Spanish Heritage and Culture Republic showing that the break is beginning.


* A Major War on the Islamic Crescent/Arabian Peninsula/ Hindu Cush, breaking the [NATO] North Atlantic Treaty Organization.


* Within a few days the Empire of Japan will tell the Israeli-American Empire to remove its Foothold Troops from Japanese Soil period!


* Then you have Wall St. in a fight with the Media Messiah Imperial President.                 


Who's Got [10am] in the Office Pool?



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